TWICE Breaks Previous First-Week Album Sales Record By A Landslide


It has been a week since TWICE released their latest album, With YOU-th, on February 23, and now even nearly nine years into their career, the K-Pop girl group is still breaking their past records!

On February 29, it was announced that TWICE had surpassed 1.02 million album sales on Hanteo, making it the most sales they’ve ever had within the first week of an album release.

[HANTEO] 240229 | 17:05PM KST

TWICE (@JYPETWICE) — “With YOU-th”: 96,550 copies (1,022,561 total) [7th Day] *Still Counting*

— TWICE Charts (fan-account) (@TWICE_Charts) February 29, 2024

Their last album, Ready To Be, sold around 651,000 copies in its first week, which was already an impressively high number. But with With YOU-th, they’ve surpassed their past record by over 300,000!

Ready To Be has also sold a total of 1.68 million copies to date, which means that With YOU-th could certainly become their best-selling album in general in the coming days and weeks.

| koreansalestwt

Here’s how fans are reacting to this exciting milestone!

Finally! Twice’s first 1 million in hanteo!

— Twice x NEXZ x Wonwoo (@ciprofloxacind8) February 29, 2024


— teej saw beyoncé on 08/05/2023 (@tjtopaz) February 29, 2024


— annie⁹ (@annielovehappen) February 29, 2024

wait hold on 1m sales first week.. cheers to twice.

— (@ughshut) February 29, 2024

even after all these years, their sales keeps on increasing. They are truly amazing

— jihyojjang (@ali_jihyo97) February 29, 2024

It just goes to show that TWICE is still a powerhouse in the K-Pop industry, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon!

 They surpassed a huge milestone! 

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