TvN K-Drama Hits All-Time High Viewer Rating Amid “Terrible Acting” Backlash


TvN’s ongoing K-Drama Marry My Husband is rising in popularity with each new episode.

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The show was highly-anticipated ever since its teasers dropped, thanks to the popularity of the Webtoon it is adapted from. However, the show faced quite a few roadblocks along the way, with controversies related to the lead actress, Park Min Young, leading to calls for boycotting the show.

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While Marry My Husband was able to overcome this hurdle, it was hit with multiple criticisms of bad acting. The first cast member to be caught up in this controversy was Lee Gi Kwang, who received intense backlash for his not-so-impressive rendition of the Gyeongsang-do accent.

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In the 11th episode of the show released this week, legendary K-Pop idol BoA made her first appearance as the male lead’s ex-fiance, and her character will be a key part of the plot for the rest of the story. However, even her acting skills failed to impress netizens.

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Despite the continued criticism, the drama has managed to achieve soaring viewership. According to Nielsen Korea, episode 11 of Marry My Husband, which aired on February 5, recorded a nationwide viewership of 11.8%, marking a steep increase from episode 10’s 10.7%. This marks the highest viewership of the show to date. In metropolitan areas, the rating reached even higher, at 13%.

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It seems that despite the many issues netizens have taken with the cast, the show’s catchy storyline and skillful acting have made it a highly engaging watch for audiences.

 The show has been hit with multiple controversies. 

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