Truth Behind Top Star’s “Party” Sparks Shock And Outrage


The truth behind Park Ji Yoon‘s alleged party has sparked outrage.

Park Ji Yoon (left) and Choi Dong Seok (right)

Earlier, we reported that Park Ji Yoon’s estranged husband, Choi Dong Seok, alleged that the television personality had left their sick child alone on his birthday to go to a party.

Beloved Celebrity Calls Out Estranged Wife For Allegedly Leaving Sick Son On His Birthday To Party Until Morning

Choi Dong Seok, who is currently in a custody battle with Park Ji Yoon, claimed that on his son’s birthday, the personality partied until the morning of the next day.

She didn’t come home until the next day when my son was already late for school. Did she really have to go to the party? I don’t even want to argue anymore. If she had to go, couldn’t she have just left him with me? Then our sick children wouldn’t have been left with a stranger without their parents on their birthday.

— Choi Dong Seok

According to an exclusive report, Park Ji Yoon did not go to a party that night but was, in fact, hosting a charity event for abandoned animals.

According to SPOTV News, Park Ji Yoon was working on that day as a host of an event for the Mint Foundation. The event was to raise funds for the Pyeong Gang Gong Ju animal shelter located in Ansung. The shelter currently houses 220 dogs and 150 cats.

Netizens reacted in shock at the revelation. Many expressed outrage towards Choi Dong Seok for dismissing Park Ji Yoon’s work as a party and for lying about the controversy.

What’s wrong with him?… They shouldn’t make their divorce so messy when they have children together. He’s on his Instagram again, lol. Sigh, this is why you shouldn’t get mixed up with men. I’m watching from the side, and I’m getting tired of him. I am a working mom, and seeing how he’s acting, it is no wonder women don’t want to get married, lol. My parents never did anything lavish for my birthday, and I never complained. Her ex-husband’s motives are so transparent that it is funny. I wouldn’t want him looking after my kids either. I’d rather send them to a nanny that I trust, who has watched over them since they were younger. I understand now why they are getting a divorce. Airing out your family business is worse for the children. I don’t think he’s being very considerate of the kids. I think he’s sicker. And seeing her Instagram, it seems she had already their son a large party.

Meanwhile, Park Ji Yoon recently posted photos of the birthday party she threw for her son. Stay tuned for updates.


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