Trainee Who Almost Debuted In (G)I-DLE Stuns With How Similar She Looks To BLACKPINK’s Jisoo


A trainee who used to be in the debut group for (G)I-DLE recently gained attention for her visuals. She became talked about when Yuqi posted an Instagram story to support her formal debut.

Yuqi shows support for Siwoo.

Our Jiwoo released a song. Her vocal color is insane. Listening to your voice in such a long time is so great. I miss you.

— Yuqi

According to Yuqi, Siwoo(real name Kim Ji Woo) was the only other trainee that was the same age as her. In South Korea, having someone the same age as you almost automatically means that you are friends.

Yuqi talking about Siwoo.

Due to the age hierarchy, you often feel like they are the only ones you can truly be comfortable with. Yuqi claimed that she really relied on Siwoo at that point, as Siwoo could also speak Chinese. They made it to the debut group together, and were supposed to debut as 6 members — Yuqi, Siwoo, Minnie, Shuhua, Soyeon, and Soojin.

L to R: Minnie, Yuqi, Siwoo, Shuhua.

Later on, a manager suddenly called Siwoo up. Siwoo left with the manager, while the staff told the rest of the girls to continue practicing. That was the last time that Yuqi ever saw her. You can watch the girls practicing together below.

Siwoo has been belatedly receiving attention for her looks. A YouTube video that tells the story of Yuqi and Siwoo went viral. Many have been comparing her looks to BLACKPINK Jisoo‘s early days.


She certainly does remind us of the star.


Netizens found it a pity that she did not make it to the final debut.

Netizen comments. | YouTube Wow, she’s so pretty. The way she warmly looked after a friend who came from overseas also shows how pretty her heart is… She looks a little like Jisoo. She’s so pretty. Thank you so much for taking care of Yuqi. I’ll listen to your music well. Hope to see you often! Cube really has no touch LOL. They removed a kid who’s good at singing and languages LOL. She’s pretty, dances well, and doesn’t seem like she was short. Why did they cut her? Why did they not debut her? Netizen comments. | YouTube When the first picture went past, I f*cking thought she was BLACKPINK’s Jisoo… Both Siwoo and Yuqi wouldn’t have felt good about it back then… Just how close they must’ve been, for Yuqi to mention her even now. I hope their friendship goes forever, and I hope she doesn’t get hurt anymore. Ah, so Siwoo was this friend that she was talking about… I saw the story and wondered who it was… The song is so good. Seems like they still have a good relationship. Hope both of them do well. Her chemistry with Yuqi would’ve been so good if they debuted together.

Yuqi expressed that she was very shocked when Siwoo suddenly left. It’s a relief that they both are able to do well in their own positions now!

 She was great friends with Yuqi. 

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