Top Second-Generation Idol Goes Viral After Crying About Being Separated From Boyfriend


Former Secret member Song Jieun is going viral after crying at the thought of being separated from her boyfriend.

Song Jieun (left) and Park Wi (right) | @weracle/YouTube

On January 24, Park Wi uploaded a video titled “I Will Always Give You Strength” to his popular WERACLE channel on YouTube.

In the video, Park Wi records his dates with his girlfriend. On one of the dates, the couple is seen eating a meal before Park Wi heads off to the United States for a business trip.

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While eating, Song Jieun is suddenly seen crying. Park Wi then playfully asks if Jieun is crying because he is going.

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Why are you crying as if I am going somewhere to die? Are you only now realizing my importance?

— Park Wi

Netizens reacted to the adorable moment with many wish

I think it is cool that they are such good influences on each other. I can’t help but smile like a mother while watching them. This couple is so beautiful and pretty together. I send them all my blessings :). I hope there are only good things in your future. This is my number 1 couple that I hope will get married. This couple just exudes love. Please continue to share your positive influences. My heart fills with warmth when watching them because I know how much they love each other. Wish you guys happiness. I can tell Song Jieun really likes Park Wi. Seeing how she finds everything he says adorable, I can’t help but think this is true love. Is there another couple that are as beautiful as them? I usually don’t care for celebrity couples, but I can’t help but wonder how happy god must be for them!

Meanwhile, Song Jieun and Park Wi recently confirmed their relationship. You can watch their beautiful moments in the link below.

 Cutest couple ever! 

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