Top Fourth-Generation Male Idol Is Going Viral After Being Spotted Watching A K-Pop Dance Group Performing


While it seems impossible to ever randomly meet K-Pop idols out and about, it’s become a lot more common *even if it’s for content*.


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♬ What is Love? – TWICE


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캐럿한테 마스크 받아 꼈구나

— 깡통 (@kkanntt00) February 11, 2024

Yet, netizens couldn’t hide their shock when a top fourth-generation male idol was spotted watching a K-Pop dance group.

Recently, the extremely talented Australia-based dance group ORBIT Dance shared a phenomenal cover of VIVIZ’s “Maniac.” Considering how talented they are, it’s not surprising that huge crowds gathered to watch them perform the iconic song.

[Video could not be displayed]| ORBIT Dance/YouTube [Video could not be displayed]| ORBIT Dance/YouTube

At the end of the video, the cameraman panned to the crowd.

[Video could not be displayed]| ORBIT Dance/YouTube

One eagle-eyed netizen noticed someone familiar in the crowd… and it was none other than Stray KidsBang Chan, who has recently been back home to Australia.

[Video could not be displayed]| @felizfriedchicken/Twitter

When the OP pointed it out on Twitter…

Casually watching a dance cover and realzied bangchan is in the audience

— love 樂★ (@Felizfriedchick) February 11, 2024

It instantly caught the attention of fans who couldn’t get over how happy Bang Chan looked watching the dance team.

it’s so dear to me how much he appreciates and supports other people in their artistic journeys. there’s so much love for music in him that it overflows to the point where those blessed by his presence can get a couple of drops of his love for art too.

— hamida ⋆✮樂✮⋆ (@lixiesflower) February 11, 2024

omg he was watching the cover of maniac by viviz?? TASTE

— may ʚїɞ (@sowonoodle) February 11, 2024

even tho the zoom in is blurry af you can still see that big, genuine smile on him. i love that he was able to walk around and enjoy things like this back at home. he could walk around comfortably and casually without worrying about ppl invading his space/privacy

— nat bang ☾🪿 (@bbygrlracha) February 11, 2024


In the actual video, the group gave a shoutout to Bang Chan in the description…

When a fan couldn’t hide their shock about Bang Chan watching, the group account even revealed that after watching, the idol even came up to them and praised their dancing.

Although some fans were still unsure if it was really Bang Chan, netizens pointed out that the person in the video that was pointed out was wearing the exact outfit shown in Bang Chan’s recent updates from Australia.

As always, netizens love seeing K-Pop idols enjoying some free time and interacting with fans if they want. It seems like all those netizens watching were very respectful to Bang Chan, and it must’ve made him feel comfortable approaching the group and praising their dancing.

You can watch the amazing performance below.

 The dance group even shared their experiences! 

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