Tiger 3 trailer: Salman Khan reveals what fans can expect: ‘It is mad, it is outrageous’


Salman Khan is set to unveil the trailer of Yash Raj Films’ Tiger 3 on October 16th. And if you wondering when exactly the trailer can be expected, well here is the answer. The makers have revealed the time of the trailer drop to be 12 noon. An unseen image of Salman aka Tiger ready to tear apart his opponents with his iron chain-clad bare hands has just dropped the info and we cannot contain our excitement. Talking about the film, Salman reveals that the action will be ‘raw, realistic yet spectacular’ and the new image sets the tone for what to expect from the trailer – Tiger will be on the hunt to destroy his nemesis with brute force. The YRF Spy Universe film, Tiger 3 is set to release on the big Diwali window. Salman says that the action in the film is simply out of the world and like the franchise is known for, the hero is presented as the larger-than-life Hindi film hero. He is invincible and can take on an army of people with his bare hands. He can shed blood and still keep standing. He adds that Tiger is just like the a real-life tiger, would takes on a challenge heads on doesn’t stop till he has hunted down his prey. Salman says that his character Tiger will never back out from a fight till he is breathing and always protect his country. He says, “Fans like to see Tiger in action because they know they will get to see some of the most gritty and coolest action sequences ever. I hope they love the trailer of Tiger 3 because it has some mad moments of outrageous action that people have seen to date.” The internet is in a frenzy with anticipation of the trailer of Tiger 3, directed by Maneesh Sharma. This film is set to reveal the next chapter of how Aditya Chopra is shaping the YRF Spy Universe that has so far delivered a 100 percent blockbuster result at the box office. The YRF Spy Universe Films so far are Ek Tha Tiger, Tiger Zinda Hai, War, Pathaan and now Tiger 3.

 Fans of Salman Khan are waiting with bated breath to witness the Tiger 3 trailer. The makers have revealed when exactly the trailer be out with Tiger himself sharing what is in store. WOW! 

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