Tiger 3 Trailer review: Salman Khan, Emraan Hashmi’s DHAMAKEDAAR face-off makes fans’ wait difficult [Check Reactions]


Finally, the Tiger 3 trailer is OUT! Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and the rest of the cast and crew have brought an actioner that everyone has eagerly anticipated all this while. It is loaded with amazing visuals and action and chase sequences that warrant a promise of a thrilling ride in cinemas during Diwali. For many months, fans have been looking forward to this moment and it is here.

Tiger 3 trailer: Salman Khan

Tiger 3 trailer just dropped and boy, Emraan Hashmi has pulled Salman aka Tiger into one tight corner. Katrina Kaif as Zoya and their son make an appearance in the trailer as one happy-go-lucky family. But soon, their lives will turn topsy-turvy. Emraan’s character was wronged by Tiger and hence, the former is seeking revenge by attacking his family and also his reliability as the raw agent. The trailer is loaded with such adrenaline-pumping action sequences that it will make you wish the 12th of November arrive sooner.

Watch the Tiger 3 trailer here

Fans react to the Tiger 3 trailer

Fans of Salman Khan are unable to contain their excitement after all, the superstar is back in his form, Tiger, the most beloved character of Salman after so long. They are loving every bit of the Tiger 3 trailer and have already declared it a blockbuster, dhamakedaar movie. Emraan Hashmi’s small glimpse has amped up the intrigue factor even more after the Tiger 3 trailer. Fans are now eagerly looking forward to the face-off between Salman and Emraan in the movie. Some of the fans are looking forward to Katrina Kaif and her action sequence in a towel with a woman. There are also some not-so-impressed audience. Check out the reactions to the Tiger 3 trailer which is going viral in entertainment news here:


RIP BOXOFFICE ? THE MEGASTAR IS BACK ?#Tiger3Trailer https://t.co/schQkCGubA pic.twitter.com/WQWhKLS8qj Hud Hud TIGER (@HudHuddDabangg) October 16, 2023

Love it ??@BeingSalmanKhan #Tiger3Trailer https://t.co/2VvqRImJ4T

Sushant Mehta (@SushantNMehta) October 16, 2023

FINALLY #Tiger3Trailer @BeingSalmanKhan @emraanhashmi #KatrinaKaif ALL THE BLOCKBUSTER LOADING

SOURAV DAS (@BeingSouravDas7) October 16, 2023

What a trailer ?.Goosebumps..#Tiger3Trailer #KatrinaKaif #SalmanKhan https://t.co/GvHHls9Q0m

Sasi (@SasiVicky_09) October 16, 2023

Average Trailer hai BC

Not a single Goosebumps moment. Only This Katrina’s Towel scene is best ?? #Tiger3Trailer pic.twitter.com/FoU1HJptud Harsh Mishra.. (@iamharsh55) October 16, 2023

3000 cr loading #Tiger3#Tiger3Trailer #SalmanKhan? #EmraanHashmi #KatrinaKaif #ShahRukhKhan?

THOUSIF ZIYA (@thousifziya) October 16, 2023

#EmraanHashmi in #Tiger3Trailer ??

He’s Gonna be a most Deadliest villain of YRF spy universe ?#SalmanKhan #KatrinaKaif #tiger3 pic.twitter.com/Cm7YNzgNcI MASS (@Freak4Salman) October 16, 2023


Kartik Agrawal (@Movie_Buff_22) October 16, 2023

Welcome To Pakistan Tiger , The Face Off Between SALMAN – EMRAAN Going To Be Epic #Tiger3Trailer pic.twitter.com/6xwnAkOt7H

Radhe (@BadassSalmaniac) October 16, 2023

1st time theatre mai kursiya hilygi sach mai .. India m 1st time is level ka movie any wala hai ? #Tiger3Trailer

Build with Gold (@Build_W_Gold) October 16, 2023

TIGER IS BACK AND THIS TIME ITS PERSONAL!!! From now onwards when you will hear the word BLOCKBUSTER only #Tiger3 will come to your minds.#SalmanKhan, #KatrinaKaif and #EmraanHashmi starrer looks PUMPED UP with ACTION and EMOTIONS. #Tiger3Trailer #Tiger3 #YRFSpyUniverse pic.twitter.com/memA9SX7V0

Ishan Chopra (@Ishu2408) October 16, 2023

Outstanding Trailer! ???

When #SalmanKhan graces d screen, it’s not just a Performance – it’s an EVENT. His star power is magnetic, transcending borders, n uniting fans worldwide in d name of cinematic brilliance. #Tiger3Trailer ??? pic.twitter.com/Ykn0O4g3WT Being Hitesh Shah (@BeingHiteshShah) October 16, 2023

Get ready for megastar #SalmanKhan mass madness this Diwali ? ????#Tiger3Trailer pic.twitter.com/KPmzvg7x2y

` (@ImViaan) October 16, 2023

That Gona CRAZY ?? The EPIC face faceoff between #SalmanKhan and #EmraanHashmi is going to EXPLODE the cinema hall? ? #Tiger3 #Tiger3Trailer#Tiger3Diwali2023 #KatrinaKaif pic.twitter.com/Eak90ZX4td

Naresh (@Naresh46841242) October 16, 2023

Trailor of #Tiger3 is good considering the past movies of Salman Khan and keeping in mind the spy universe the trailor is below average with worst VFX and colors by @yrf Plz improve your VFX and colors yrf #Tiger3Trailer #EmraanHashmi #katr

louche (@Sharad_jaunpur) October 16, 2023

Kind of good trailer but still #TZH trailer was something else ?#SalmanKhan #Tiger3 #Tiger3Trailer #TigerVsPathaan #Emr pic.twitter.com/bS2tvCt400

Sal-Man Fan (@SalManFan__Chad) October 16, 2023


ADHARV (@ibeingadharv_) October 16, 2023

10/10 Poster ??????????????????????#Tiger3Trailer pic.twitter.com/8zGc2kW8KV

? (@shoaib_SK_fan) October 16, 2023

#Tiger3Trailer is the Baap Of All Trailer jo humne ab tak dega..

TIGER is the Baap Of Pathaan.. #SalmanKhan ne Faad Ke Rakh Diya Hai. Isko bolte hai asli SUPER SPY, BAAP, FOUNDER OF OTHER SPY… pic.twitter.com/rgY97leJ1S B A D A S S – SRK Ka Baap (@OGSalmanFan) October 16, 2023

The Best Trailer ever ?

Blockbuster written all over it….#SalmanKhan is back with Bang@yrf this is outstanding,#tiger3 #Tiger3Trailer A s (@iBeing_Akshay) October 16, 2023

Mind-blowing….#Tiger3 will surely break all the BO records like ever before Woaahhhhh… @BeingSalmanKhan as usual gonna nail it, the one who will surprise is @emraanhashmi Really excited to see the faceoff between the two Giants#SalmanKhan#Tiger3Trailer pic.twitter.com/lBhdbH0eWV

????? ? (@cutegirl_aashi_) October 16, 2023

Just one word ” Dhamaka” ????? #Tiger3Trailer

Pardeep Kumar ( ) (@NomadTrending) October 16, 2023

oh my god .. viewers are going to cry seeing #KatrinaKaif like this #Tiger3Trailer ? pic.twitter.com/sm2tWJHEHV

Jasmeen Kaur (@JasmeenIndian) October 16, 2023

No Words Just Speechless??pure Goosebumps ?????Beyond Expectation ????? #Tiger3Trailer #SalmanKhan? https://t.co/DKTXPYLVXT pic.twitter.com/CKuITiEU9X

Samim Hasan Faisal? (@SamimHasanFais2) October 16, 2023

The EPIC face faceoff between #SalmanKhan and #EmraanHashmi is going to EXPLODE the cinema hall? #Tiger3 #Tiger3Trailer pic.twitter.com/ZuSd9TJvaj

salmanic.waseem (@Salmanicwaseem) October 16, 2023

Salman Khan on what to expect from Tiger 3 and Tiger 3 trailer

Since the beginning, Salman has been super confident about the YRF movie. The third instalment in the Tiger franchisee and the fifth movie, overall, in YRF’s spy-verse. Salman asked fans to expect the unexpected and boasted about how YRF had no choice but to go beyond this time after setting the bar with the Tiger series and other spy verse movies such as Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff starrer War and Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham starrer Pathaan.

Tiger Ka Message, Salman Khan on a mission

The makers dropped the Tiger Ka Message and kickstarted the promotional activities of Tiger 3 on 27th December. The message featured Salman’s Avinash Rathore asking the citizens of India to prove his innocence and help him retain his image in his son’s eyes. Tiger has been declared as the enemy of the country. The teaser got a fantastic response. While fans did miss Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi in Tiger Ka Message, the intrigue only added to the excitement. The makers have continued with building up the hype around Emraan’s character while Katrina bowled over fans with her action-packed avatar. Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo has also been kept under wraps. Tiger 3 is releasing on 12th November 2023.

 Tiger 3 trailer starring Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif is FINALLY here. And fans are going bonkers over the same. They are especially looking forward to Salman and Emraan Hashmi’s face-off in Tiger 3. 

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