Tiger 3, Singham Again, Fighter and more: Filmmakers spend a whopping amount for larger than life big screen experiences


Tiger 3, Singham Again, Fighter, Ganapath, Devara, Bade Miyan Chote Miyan, Pushpa 2 and more, action film lovers are truly in for an exciting time. In the past few months, we have seen the success of well-made action drama/thrillers across industries whether it is Bollywood or South. Pathaan, Jawan, Jailer, Vikram are some of the prime examples. Of late, Indian filmmakers are pumping in a lot of money in their action sequences. Reports are rife on how Aditya Chopra has spent more than Rs 30 crores for the jailbreak sequence that has both Tiger and Pathaan. The actual figure is estimated at around Rs 35 crores for the same. Aditya Chopra wants to give fans a memorable experience in the theatres. The success of the sequence of the two superstars in Pathaan motivated him further.

Producers aware of growing expectations of desi audience

With the advent of OTT, desis even in India’s smaller towns and cities are watching content from all over the globe. The male audience is what fills up theatres in the country. Action drama, action spy movies and cop action films are three genres that always do well if made on a large canvas with a decent enough storyline. This genre seems the best bet to invest in. It is being said that Fighter has crossed Rs 350 crores in its production cost. The team shot a song in Italy recently. YRF has the rich tradition of shooting songs in the most stunning locales. The fee of Hrithik Roshan is supposed to be Rs 85 crores for Fighter. Rumours suggest that Siddharth Anand is charging double of Deepika Padukone for the film.

Budget equals hype in the industry

Indians fans have giving huge opening to Hollywood action franchises and superhero films. The competition is intense. Moreover, people watch foreign TV series where budgets can be equally huge. Once news leaks out that a certain producer has splurged a certain amount, the hype of the movies increases substantially. Singham Again makers have spent reportedly Rs 25 crores on the climax of the movie. The shoot will happen in Ramoji Rao studios in Hyderabad. It is shot almost like a new film. It seems extreme precautions are being taken for the cast. Jawan makers also apparently spent Rs 15 crores on the Zinda Banda song only. We have also heard on how Allu Arjun wants Pushpa 2 to be better or at par with RRR. There is a definite craze to outdo one another, but it seems to be like the need of the hour.

 Tiger 3, Singham Again, Fighter and more: Bollywood and South Indian filmmakers splurging crores on action films to give audience the true big screen spectacle 

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