Tiger 3: Salman Khan, YRF take a smart decision to release film on Diwali day? Extended weekend to break Pathaan record


Tiger 3 is the big Diwali release. Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi are coming together for an action spectacle which is bound to leave the audiences amazed. The trailer will be out on October 16. The teaser got a roaring response from fans and critics. There is some speculation on the release date of Tiger 3. Earlier, it was confirmed that it is coming on November 10, 2023. Well, Salman Khan has said that he’ll see his fans on Diwali. Everyone feels it will now come on Diwali day, which is November 12, 2023. It happens to be a Sunday. Fans can watch the film on the main festive day.

Watch the teaser of Tiger 3 aka Tiger Ka Message here

Tiger 3: Has YRF made a smart decision here?

Sources have confirmed to Bollywood Hungama that Tiger 3 will arrive in cinemas on Sunday. It will be a real festive release. The date of November 10 was that of Dhanteras. As we know, many people do not have holiday on Dhanteras or Choti Diwali. Plus, people are too busy preparing for Diwali. On the other hand, people get two days break for Diwali. In some states, Diwali will be celebrated on November 13. The source told Bollywood Hungama, “Meanwhile, Bhaidooj holiday will fall on Wednesday, November 15. There will be some post-Diwali holiday effect on Thursday, November 16. And then of course comes the weekend.”

Will Tiger 3 break the record of Pathaan in India?

YRF will get to capitalize on the holidays from November 12 to 19. They are hoping to break records this Diwali. Salman Khan himself said that Rs 300 crores is nothing in today’s times. We have seen that Pathaan and Jawan have made Rs 1000 crores plus in 2023. The benchmark is too high for Tiger 3. But Salman Khan is one star who can break records with the right film. Pathaan made Rs 315 crores first week in India. On the other hand, Jawan made close to Rs 390 crores. Tiger 3 needs a fantastic first week.

Tiger 3: An action extravaganza

Tiger 3 has been shot in over five countries of the globe. The team has roped in stuntmen and action choreographers from Hollywood. The icing on the cake is the presence of Shah Rukh Khan as Pathaan. There is a jailbreak sequence which reportedly happens in Pakistan. Pathaan comes to the aid of Tiger. Katrina Kaif has also done some breathtaking stunts for the film, which her fans will love.

 Tiger 3: Salman Khan, YRF have finalized releasing the movie on Diwali day? Here is how it will get scope to break records of Jawan and Pathaan 

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