This South superstar is known to film steamiest love making scenes in commercial films before they became ‘cool’


Kamal Hassan is a man way ahead of his time. Today he is known for his liberal thoughts and his sharp point of view no matter how serious the topic is. His latest comment on Ayodhya Ram Mandir is once again making headlines. Kamal was asked about his pointy on view on Ram Mandir he said that his answer is same that was 30 years ago. “No one had the right to destroy Babri Masjid. It was my building just like Tanjore Temple and Velankanni church are mine.” He had said this after the immediate demolition of Babri Masjid in 1991 There was a time when Kamal Hassan made a film and grabbed eyeballs for steamy scenes for which he faced a lot of backlash and the film in question is Hey Ram. Hey Ram starred Rani Mukerji who played Kamal Haasan’s wife in the film and the intimate scenes during that time in the film raised a lot of eyebrows, unlike today. Steamy scenes on OTT and films have become very common and cool today, but during that time Kamal Hassan faced a lot of brunt for going all out. Till date his film Hey Ram is called the most controversial film not because of the subject only but even the bold scenes. BollywoodLife brings to you all the latest entertainment news updates. Join us on WhatsApp. Kamal Hassan has been the game changer since the beginning of his career. He is the inspiration for all those who believe in liberalism. Talking about Hey Ram it’s a classic cult and one of the biggest movies in Rani Mukerji’s career. Talking about the experience of working on Hey Ram on the completion of 20 years, Rani said,” Hey Ram has been one of my most major learning curves. Getting an opportunity to work with Kamal Haasan for me at that point in my career was something very special because I was always an admirer of his performance and his acting and here I was going to get directed by him.”. Kamal Hassan directed this cult 24 years ago and it was based on Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination. The film was depicted as a controversial take and till date, many still hold anger against it. The film also starred Shah Rukh Khan as Pathaan in a significant role.  

 There was a time when steamy and bold scenes were looked at as taboo unlike today’s time. South superstar Kamal Hassan was the man who opened doors for intimacy in movies with a film like Hey Ram. 

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