This Japanese Chain Restaurant Goes Viral Because Of BTS’s Jimin — And You Can Probably Find It In Your Country Too


BTS‘s Jimin recently took a trip to Japan. He could’ve had the most expensive fine-dining meal ever. Instead, he chose to eat at a casual chain restaurant that sold curry. He updated fans with a photo of him contemplating the menu.

Jimin at the curry restaurant. | theqoo

The restaurant soon began trending on Twitter after Jimin’s post. Coco Ichibanya was trended both worldwide, and in Japan.

Twitter trends. | theqoo

Coco Ichibanya also quickly rose in search rankings on Japanese search portals. The portals credited the origin to Jimin.

Japanese search portal rankings. | theqoo

The restaurant also had to put up a special sign to instruct customers who wanted to sit specifically where Jimin sat. They had to take a separate queue number, so as not to affect the other customers.

Sign in restaurant. | theqoo

The queue was insane!

The line outside the restaurant. | theqoo

Fans were quick to visit the place, taking shots that replicated Jimin’s original photo.

A fan’s photo. | theqoo A fan’s photo. | theqoo

Many even dressed up like him!

A fan’s photo. | theqoo

Some fans even made a replica of the moment using miniatures.

A fan’s photo. | theqoo

Of course, fans had to order the same thing as him.

A fan’s photo. | theqoo

There’s good news for international fans. Coco Ichibanya is a global chain with branches all over the world. You can easily access it in Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, America, the United Kingdom, and more! Check out a list of countries that they are available in below.

Available countries. | Coco Ichibanya

As expected of the sold-out kings, BTS!

 It’s a common global chain. 

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