“This Is Why They Look So Perfect Together” — Korean Netizens Can’t Get Enough Of RIIZE’s Anton And IVE’s Gaeul Together


IVE recently made a comeback with “Baddie” and they’ve been spreading the infectious dance challenge everywhere. This time, they convinced RIIZE‘s Anton to participate. Gaeul and Anton filmed the dance challenge together backstage at a music show.

The two suited each other, with even their outfits coordinating. Anton wore a sports jersey, while Gaeul wore a similar one cropped to show off her waist.

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Anton easily nailed the dance steps with light footwork.

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He participated in the harder version of the dance challenge.

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Finishing off with a powerful kick, Anton totally made the dance his own.

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Of course, netizens couldn’t help but gush about their visuals. Gaeul has been getting prettier with each comeback! This time, with her hair in long waves, she looks like a total goddess. On the other hand, Anton has been snatching hearts with his innocent features since debut.

Netizen comments. | theqoo Ooh, Gaul is pretty. Anton is cool too. Daebaek. Anton’s physique is insane. Anton’s physique is so aggressive, but his face is so innocent like a baby. Gaeul is the smallest in IVE, but she’s actually tall too. Both of their outfits stand out because they’re red and yellow. They’re cute and they did well. They make me smile. Anton’s visuals are insane. How is he so coy? How tall is Gaeul? Their height difference is totally ideal. Hasp, their outfits are also similar in style. Great.

They certainly are a perfect visual combination! Catch the dance challenge below.

 Perfect visual combination! 

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