“This Is Why Our Birth Rate Is So Low” — Korean Netizens React To Park Bo Young’s “Controversial” Episode Of “Pinggyego”


An episode of Pinggyego starring Park Bo Young recently fell into controversy. Park Bo Young and the MCs Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho had all referred to a baby stroller with the Korean word “yumo-cha.” Later on, in the subtitles, the editing team changed it to “yua-cha” instead. The word “yumo-cha” can be interpreted to have sexist connotations, as “yumo” refers to mothers or nannies. On the other hand, “yua” is more neutral, as it means “child” or “baby.” “Cha” simply refers to the car or mobile unit.

Scene with the controversial subtitles.

The original term reinforces the subconscious assumption that prams would be pushed by women, ergo, children would be taken care of by the mothers. This resulted in petitions for the word to be officially changed. Although it was not officially reinforced, in recent years, more have been referring to the stroller using the new term.

It seemed like many men took issue with the subtitling team making the change on purpose. As all the guests and MCs had used the original term, perhaps due to being more used to it, viewers found the purposeful change uncomfortable. This gained the video over 88,000 dislikes.

On the other hand, a majority of netizens who had come across the issue wondered if the small matter even warranted controversy. They questioned why people were even disgruntled in the first place.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo Can’t believe there are almost 90,000 of such pathetic people… I’m swearing off marriage. They’re being like that because the subtitles used “yua-cha” instead of “yumo-cha?” They really are bullsh*tting over everything… I can’t understand this. They’re doing this because the subtitles used “yua-cha” instead of “yumo-cha?” Definitely gonna live alone. Getting the ick. The country is doomed. I thought that it would only be a small people and not the majority being like this, but this is basically trying to find a gem in a minefield. This is why all the younger generation wants to live alone. The answer to why we have low birth rates is here. Gasp… LOL, I just went to press like and leave a comment. Idiots. Sigh.

It seems like a clash of genders in South Korea once more, with many women finding the reaction of the men to such a small matter overboard.

 Is it a clash of the genders once more? 

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