This actor didn’t have clothes to wear and today is the owner of a clothing brand


Bollywood is a place where fate changes overnight. And over the years fans have witnessed seeing their favourite stars touching the skies high and even experiencing massive downfall, there are times when even star kids faced the crunch. And this one actor who was trying to make his mark in his career in Bollywood didn’t have an expensive pair of shirt and jeans and desired to have one after netting his friend. And he is superstar Salman Khan. Hard to believe right? But it’s a fact, that Salman Khan had many times heaped praise for his dear friend Suniel Shetty and Bollywood actor about being the golden heart man. For all the TV News and Entertainment News updates, follow BollywoodLife on WhatsApp.

Watch the video of Salman Khan shedding tears and recalling the time he didn’t have money to buy a pair of shirt.


Salman has revealed how there was a time when he didn’t own an expensive pair of shirt and jeans and Suniel Shetty gifted him that bought years in his eyes. “Earlier when I didn’t have money, at that time, I went to Suniel Shetty’s clothing shop. It was a very expensive one. I couldn’t afford anything more than a shirt or a pair of jeans and at that time Suniel noticed that I had no money so he gifted me a stone wash shirt. He noticed that I had my eyes on a wallet.” Salman Khan today is the biggest superstar in Bollywood, and the man also owns a clothing brand Being Human. Today the net worth of the superstar is more than Rs 3000 crore and his stardom makes more Bollywood celebrities envy him. Talking about Salman Khan and his camaraderie with Suniel Shetty; they have been close friends over the years. The superstar is called the most humble superstar and has earned the name of Bollywood’s godfather by launching newbies in the industry.

Watch the video of Salman Khan

 This actor didn’t have money to buy a pair of shirt and today owns the luxurious clothing brand. Can you guess who? 

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