Third-Generation Male Idol Hits Back At Comments That K-Pop Idols “Can’t Get Married”


The topic of dating in K-Pop has always been seen as “taboo,” and idols are very rarely allowed to date, or it has to be done in private without fans knowing. Marriage is even more rare and idols have received major backlash for getting married, even if they are at the age where it’s deemed normal.

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One person who recently received praise for their response to someone saying that idols shouldn’t get married is SF9‘s Zuho.

SF9’s Zuho | @zuuuuu_oh/Instagram

Since debuting, Zuho has gained attention for his unreal presence on stage and talent that is so unique and special.

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Recently, Zuho went on Instagram Live to chat with fans. Like always, he responded to comments and created a comfortable atmosphere for fans to interact with him.

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Earlier, Zuho had done an Instagram Q&A where someone had explained that idols “can’t” get married. In the response, Zuho shared a question mark but elaborated on it in English during the broadcast.

At one point, Zuho explained, “So a fan yesterday said to me that Korean idols cannot be married.”

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After sharing the context of what he was going to say, Zuho honestly explained, “My answer to her is, why? That’s not a rule. That’s not a law.”

Your browser does not support video.| @zuuuuu_oh/Instagram

He then went on to say that even though they are K-Pop idols, they are the same as parents, family, and children, which everyone has. Zuho explained that idols are no different, seemingly explaining that they should also have the chance to fall in love.

Your browser does not support video.| @zuuuuu_oh/Instagram

He then added, “Why would you say it like that?”

Your browser does not support video.| @zuuuuu_oh/Instagram

When the clip was shared, netizens praised Zuho for being so direct and honest about his thoughts. Many international fans want their idols to fall in love and have a happy life, and the fact that Zuho shut down the negative connotations around idols having relationships earned praise.

zuho addressing someone who told him that idols cannot get married: that’s not a rule nor a law! YES SPEAKKKK

— jill (@lalunatua) January 28, 2024

I wish SF9 will get a good partner who love them sincerely and they support and understand each other. It’s so beautiful to see when they already find their partner serious! Their love towards fans will not change. let’s have a healthy relationship between idol and fans.

— iknow 🩵 (@whiterose_chani) January 28, 2024

This should go Viral now and all those people throwing hatred towards idols datin and getting married should know clearly that “THEY’RE NOT THE LAW MAKERE THERE”#ZUHO

— 𝙈𝙖𝙙°••⁰⁷-⁰⁹-𝐒𝐅9 ︎♫︎ (@sf9_in_my_mind) January 28, 2024

not even kidding I will be the happiest person alive if anyone from sf9 comes out with a marriage announcement like I’m fr counting down the days and manifesting this to happen every day (too excessive but I really want them to go home to someone they love everyday)

— ria (@aria_m13) January 28, 2024

It isn’t the first time Zuho has been praised for his honesty towards criticism or comments, and you can read more below.

SF9’s Zuho Gains Attention For His Response To Hateful Comments And Criticisms About His Upcoming Role In A BL K-Drama

 Fans praised his honesty. 

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