Third-Generation Male Idol Gains Attention For Wearing Stiletto High Heels And A Skirt


When it comes to fashion, solo artist WOODZ always impresses with his unique and charismatic looks!

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In the December 2023 Issue of W Korea, he stuns in new gorgeous photos.

| W Korea

In some of the looks, he rocks fashion-forward skirts like a rockstar. He completes the looks with various black leather belts to add to the edgy vibe.

| W Korea | W Korea | W Korea

However, he gained most attention for his choice of shoe — a bold stiletto high heel!

| W Korea

WOODZ is no stranger to defying gender norms even outside of the new photoshoot. From skirts to nail polish to wigs, he loves experimenting with his looks.

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| @woodz_dnwm/Instagram | @woodz_dnwm/Instagram

His revolutionary style opens the door for men to rock pieces like heels, skirts, and more.


— 𝐰𝐳. (@woodzxc) November 21, 2023

Check out more of his looks we’re loving below!

| Star News | @woodz_dnwm/Instagram | @woodz_dnwm/Instagram | @woodz_dnwm/Instagram Fashion king! 

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