Third-Generation Idol Surprises Fans With A Pregnancy Announcement


Former Hello Venus member Song Joohee (also known as Alice, Song Juhee) officially revealed her pregnancy.

Song Joohee | @hv_alice/Instagram

Song Joohee was a member of Hello Venus until the group disbanded and has appeared in several dramas and musicals.

| Fantagio

In early October 2023, Song shared that she was engaged and would marry her non-celebrity fiancé on the 21st of the month after it was reported, first sharing a pre-wedding photoshoot.

| @hv_alice/Instagram | @hv_alice/Instagram

Shortly after her announcement, Sport Today reported that the former idol was pregnant. Wikitree contacted her agency for confirmation, but the label did not comment.

We aren’t able to comment.

— A2Z Entertainment

On February 8, Song shared a post on Instagram, saying that she went on a prenatal trip to Jeju. She included multiple photos of where the couple had their “babymoon,” a hotel designed by famous Korean-Japanese architect Itami Jun.

| @hv_alice/Instagram

During our growing interest in Mr. Itami Jun (Yoo Dong-ryong), we thought this would be a great prenatal journey if our blessing was able to feel it too. So, we chose Jeju, a place we’ve always loved, and stayed at the Podo Hotel designed by Mr. Itami Jun. The Podo Hotel offers a separate ‘babymoon’ package, which made us feel comfortable and happy to experience everything fully. Although we couldn’t take photos in the museum, this statement left an impression on me;’Material looks different depending on whether it’s seen in the shadow or under the light.’ We hope our blessing will become a child who knows how to look closely at the world.

— Song Joohee

She also included a photo of herself that gave a peek at her baby bump.

| @hv_alice/Instagram

Congratulations to the happy couple!

 Congrats to the happy couple! 

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