Third Generation Idol Surprises Fans By Joking About Her Dating Scandal


News about K-Pop idols dating is often a hot topic, even when it is just rumors. While reactions are not always great now, in the past, a dating scandal could mess up an up-and-coming idol’s career or even put them in danger in the most extreme circumstances.

Toxic Love: The K-Pop Idol Who Went Through Hell Because Of Dating Rumors

Still, some idols manage to get through them and even joke about them at a later date, like ex-MOMOLAND‘s Daisy.

Daisy was a member of MOMOLAND until her lawsuit against MLD Entertainment. Since then, she has become an influencer, sharing clips of her daily life and spilling tea on the K-Pop industry.


On February 14, 2019, Korean media reported that Daisy and iKON‘s Yuhyeong (Song) were in a relationship and had been dating for a few months.

iKON’s Song | Mnet

After checking with Daisy, MLD Entertainment confirmed the information, while YG Entertainment simply said the pair had met a few times but were not dating. The headline-making news led to Daisy’s hiatus from MOMOLAND, which she later described as her being “fired.”

| @daisiesforyu/Instagram

Most in this situation would want to put it behind them and forget, but Daisy is not one of those people!

In a video on her TikTok account, the idol talked about being invited to a Valentine’s Day experience by the skincare brand Dr. Althea.


a coquette-themed valentine’s party #dralthea #coquette #xoxo #coquettecore #valentinesday #kbeauty #valentinesparty #koreanskincare

♬ queen of disaster with sparkles – ˚ ˚。° ⋆♡˚ ꒰ ྀི ◞ ˕ ก ꒱

In her video, Daisy immediately goes into the joke, saying, “If you’re like me and you got into a scandal on Valentine’s Day, you probably don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day anymore.” She continues by saying she celebrated with the brand this year and showed her experience.


happy valentine’s day you freaks🩷

♬ Daydreamin speed up – 🪽

Fans were left hilariously surprised by the “cold open” of the video and let Daisy know they didn’t totally “get” her experience.


 Her sense of humor is unmatched. 

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