Third-Generation Idol Shows Off Her Boyfriend And Celebrates Relationship


EXID‘s Hani is gaining attention for celebrating her relationship.

Hani | Hankook Kyungae

On November 6, Hani uploaded a story to her Instagram. In the post, the idol is seen with her boyfriend, Yang Jae Woong. The couple can be seen signaling with their hands that they have been together for 1000 days.

Yang Jae Woong | @ahnanihh/Instagram

The story followed a previous post in which Hani revealed that she and her boyfriend have now been dating for 999 days.

To celebrate our 999 days together, we are at a comic book cafe sharing rice cake ramyun while reading GANTZ and The Fighting.

— Hani

Meanwhile, Hani revealed that she was in a relationship with the doctor last year. At the time, the idol shared that the couple had been dating for two years. You can read more about the couple in the link below.

EXID’s Hani Is Asked About Marrying Her Boyfriend, And Her Answer May Surprise You

 Congrats to the couple! 

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