Third-Generation Idol Goes Viral After Defending His Wife From Sexual Harrasment


Ryu Phillip, formerly of K-Pop group SoREAL, is going viral after defending his wife from malicious comments.

Mina (left) and Ryu Phillip (right)

On January 21, Ryu Phillip uploaded a video to his YouTube channel. In the video, the idol can be seen reading malicious comments targeting him and his 53-year-old wife, Mina (also known as Shim Mina).

Many of the comments that he read were disturbing and critical of Mina’s age. One particularly deranged netizen went as far as commenting about the couple’s intimate moments together.


When you have sex with her at night, I think your b*oner would die. I’m saying this for the ajuma’s sake. When you have sex, make sure you do it in the dark, where he can’t see your face. I am telling you from experience. I am still traumatized.

— Malicious commenter

Ryu Phillip responded to the comment with grace and class.

I feel bad for you, seeing how you describe the woman you once loved and your experiences with her as traumatic. This comment doesn’t seem to have been written by someone who is normal, but don’t date men like him. You have to be careful about who you date.

— Ryu Phillip

Other malicious comments included hurtful words such as “Doesn’t she smell like a grandma?” and “Granny, you look 50. You don’t need to try to look young. You’re already wrinkly.” To each, Ryu Phillip defended his wife with a calm and stoic demeanor, pointing out how crazy the commenter seemed.

I don’t think you have ever met Mina. You should come see her at her fanmeet. Mina doesn’t smell like a grandma, she smells like flower that has just bloomed.

— Ryu Phillip

Meanwhile, Ryu Phillip and Mina got married in 2018. The couple went viral due to their 17-year difference. You can watch Ryu Phillip’s video in the link below.

 The couple previously made news for their age gap. 

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