Third-Generation Idol Gives Fans A “Delulu” Photobooth Opportunity — The Results Are Truly Unexpected


The creation of Life4Cuts have allowed netizens across the world to live out their “fantasy” by taking photos with their favorite idols. Depending on the idols’ activities, groups will release frames for special occasions or with special themes.

SEVENTEEN’s frames for “In The SOOP” Special frames for TREASURE The new frames for TWICE

One idol who has gained attention for his “delulu” photobooth is DAY6‘s Wonpil.

DAY6’s Wonpil | @kimwon.pil/Instagram

Recently, DAY6 announced that fans could find their frames at Life4Cuts photobooths in different locations worldwide.

DAY6 완전체 기념 위드 포카 프레임 OPEN!

운영기간 : 2월 1일 – 2월 28일
전국/해외 인생네컷 매장 및 인생네컷 APP#인생네컷 #life4cuts #lifefourcuts #DAY6 #데이식스 #성진 #SUNGJIN #YoungK #원필 #WONPIL #도운 #DOWOON @day6official

— 인생네컷 (@life4cuts_kr) February 1, 2024

In photos shared online, the members teased fans with what they could expect from the frames.

While they were all cute, Wonpil’s stood out the most for fans. As expected, the idol showcased his cuteness in all of the boyfriend-themed photos for fans to interact with.

Of course, Wonpil was cute in them all, but one was very surprising as it seemingly fed into netizens’ “delulu.” In one of the shots, Wonpil was leaning on with a kissy face.

Yet, fans couldn’t help but LOL after seeing how Korean netizens made use of the opportunity. Rather than going in for a kiss with Wonpil, netizens saw that fans were instead using it as a chance to feed the idol ramen, give him a drink, and even apply lip balm.

| @mrko248/Twitter | @DAY6Doodle_/Twitter | @chanbanlan/Twitter

When the photos were posted, international netizens couldn’t get over the fact that Wonpil gave MyDays an opportunity to live their “fantasy” but chose humor instead. For many, it shows just the kind of people DAY6 fans are, which perfectly matches the random and humorous nature of the members.

wonpil: gives mydays a once in a lifetime opportunity to live out all their parasocial fantasies by doing a cute kiss pose


— sura ♡ (@mydayswift13) February 3, 2024

Wonpil and MyDay be like:

— MyDay In The Miniverse (@SkyPuppyMin) February 3, 2024

As always, fans will always be as funny as their idols. Considering how chaotic and hilarious DAY6 has always been, it’s not surprising that their fans are on the same level.

 The fans are as funny as the idols! 

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