Third Generation Boy Group Member Publicly Calls Out Korean Media For Inaccurately Reporting That He Left The Group


It was previously announced that five members of PENTAGON did not renew their contracts with Cube Entertainment. Yeo One, Yan An, Yuto, Kino, and Wooseok chose to leave the company. On the other hand, Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, and Shinwon are still a part of the label. Yeo One cited “wanting a new challenge” as a reason for wanting to leave the label.

PENTAGON | Cube Entertainment

Korean media spun the news inaccurately, claiming in headlines that Yeo One had left the group. One such headline read, “Yeo One, who left PENTAGON after 10 years. His reason for not renewing is ‘needing a new challenge.’” Member Hongseok seemed to have a humorous take on the article, posting a screenshot of the article with “Nothing i can do” as the background music. He even tagged Yeo One!

Yeo One immediately reposted the story, with the caption “I have never left PENTAGON.

Right after the initial news broke out, the members reassured fans of their status as a group. Although they have left the company, their group remains one.

Hongseok’s post.

Kino also posted, “what is disbandment? Something you eat?” along with a group photo.

Kino’s story.

He also tagged the members in another group shot.

With all the reassurement from the members, it’s clear that the group is definitely not disbanding. Even though some have left the company, PENTAGON remains as one!


 What an embarrassing moment for the journalist! 

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