“They Put His Underwear And Socks In The Toilet Bowl” — K-Actress Reveals Her Son Was Bullied In School


Actor couple Cha In Pyo and Shin Ae Ra once made waves when they married each other in 1995. They were the top actors of the 1990s in South Korea!

Their son Cha Jeong Min was born in 1998. On an episode of Oh Eun Young’s Bucket List, Shin Ae Ra revealed the terrible pain that her son went through in his schooling days.

Shin Ae Ra on Oh Eun Young’s Bucket List.

He experienced severe bullying simply for being the son of a celebrity. Not only was Jeong Min made an outcast, but his soft-hearted nature made him a target for bullying. According to Shin Ae Ra, Jeong Min was kicked down the stairs, got his money stolen, and had his underwear and socks put in the toilet bowl.

As it was rare for children of celebrities to be bullied, Cha Jeong Min’s case became a sensation when Shin Ae Ra revealed it to the public in August 2023. She cried as she talked about it with children psychologist Oh Eun Young.

Shin Ae Ra and her husband Cha In Pyo met through the drama Love In Your Heart. They have a son, Cha Jeong Min, and two adopted daughters.

Shin Ae Ra and Cha In Pyo.


 The reason was because he was the son of celebrities. 

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