The Unbelievable Parallels Between BTS J-Hope’s Real-Life Story And BT21 MANG’s Series


In 2017, BTS and LINE FRIENDS teamed up to create the original and lovable characters now known as BT21.

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BT21 are considered to be counterparts to the BTS members. Since the members created them, the BT21 characters have inherited traits from them too.

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Yet, MANG‘s story is becoming more and more like J-Hope‘s.

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Recently, J-Hope re-designed MANG, revealing that MANG is actually not a pony. Instead, MANG is a chipmunk/squirrel character that sometimes wears a pony mask gifted to them by their mentor, CONN.


J-Hope also worked even more on MANG’s backstory, revealing they are from a squirrel village, Dotohee* (*sounds like dotori which is “acorn” in Korean). It was also revealed that MANG has a family, which ARMYs noticed mirrors J-Hope’s real-life family. Like J-Hope, MANG had a strict father but supportive noona (older sister).

“Time travel to year 2006
Being crazy for dance, I tightened my mom’s belt.
When I daily jumped into the dance despite my dad’s opposition, she was unfazed by it all and floated a boat of my dream.”

In MAMA, hobi mentioned his dad’s opposition to his dream of being a dancer

— jayvee (@uarmyvibe) April 26, 2023

Introducing Mang’s family…

Mang’s dad: HO-PU
Mang’s mom: SOOK
Mang’s older sister: HEE

When you put together Mang’s name and their sister’s name, you get the word HEE-MANG (‘Hope’ in Korean)🥹
Hobi’s mind

— daily hobi content (@j94shope) October 19, 2023

Now, that the first episode of MANG’s new series, Hope in Love, has been released, ARMYs have noticed even more similarities between their story and J-Hope’s. MANG recreated J-Hope’s baby and childhood photos.

Hobi e Mang, a mesma feição doce 🥹

@BTS_twt ©winnttaebear

— Universo Bangtan ⁷ (@UniversBTS_) October 19, 2023

Even MANG’s love of acorns is somewhat like J-Hope. J-Hope is known to have an affinity for “acorn bags.”

remember how much squirrel hobi loved acorns? he used to wear an acorn bag during world tour and got yoongi acorn bread. now we see mang with an acorn

— jayvee (@uarmyvibe) October 24, 2023

Moments between MANG and their noona are also nearly identical to that of J-Hope and his sister.

when hobi kept eating her potato, jiwoo asked “who is the one stealing my potato?” and here’s mang and his sister!

— jayvee (@uarmyvibe) October 18, 2023

Yet, it’s the moments between MANG and their father that are taken directly from J-Hope’s own story. Previously, J-Hope shared that he would pretend to study while watching dancing videos. Yet, he was caught by his dad one day, who sighed disappointed and left.

When I was younger and really into dancing, it happened to be my exam period. I would pretend to study in my room, but I was actually watching dance videos. I was working really hard on pretending to study and watching dance videos when my dad suddenly came into my room. At the time, I was so surprised. My dad sighed deeply and just left. I remember this memory vividly.

— J-Hope

| BTS/VLIVE & BT21/YouTube

While J-Hope’s dad opposed his dancing, he eventually came around. He’s now J-Hope’s biggest supporter. These scenes were recreated in MANG’s story as it showed HO-PU discovering MANG’s dancing in their room and later hugging them, saying how proud he is of MANG.

That’s why I once danced in front of my dad with no music. He told me to dance for him, so I poured out my passion by dancing without any music or noise. The only sound you could hear was the sound of my clothing and my breathing. There was a time like that.

In the beginning, my dad opposed my dancing a lot. Now, he supports me more than anyone!

— J-Hope

BTS/VLIVE & BT21/YouTube

Everything down to the hug between the father and child is like J-Hope’s story.

#jhope’s creative artistry goes beyond music.🥹His power in story telling is , he indeed always got a plan. The way Mang’s story came full circle is so dear to our hearts! No other way but HOME. The recreations are so entertaining, Mang is hobi & hobi is Mang #HopeLove

— living j✧hopely🩷🩵 (@jeongmau) October 18, 2023

Like how MANG inherited traits from J-Hope, the dads are similar in many ways. MANG’s dad is also a collector.

omg..remember when hobi visited his parents’ place in his docu? hobi’s dad was a collector and in mang’s story, the dad collects acorns. there’s a sign in his room “도토리를 귀중히(Acorns are precious…)”

— jayvee (@uarmyvibe) October 18, 2023

Watch the full episode below.

 The similarities are endless! 

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