The TXT Members Were “So Different,” Their Company Had A Strategy To Strengthen Their Teamwork


Top fourth-generation K-Pop boy group TXT is back with their third studio album, The Name Chapter: FREEFALL, and to celebrate their comeback, the members sat down with Weverse Magazine for individual interviews.

Following leader Soobinmaknae Hueningkai‘s interview was released. In it, the TXT member discusses what he’s been focused on recently, his experience dancing with the dance team Jam Republic, the serious discussion the group members had last year, and more.

TXT’s Hueningkai | Weverse Magazine

During his interview, Hueningkai opened up about his connection with his fellow group members, noting how he and leader Soobin have similar personalities.

Soobin surprised fans when he revealed in TXT’s Disney+ documentary, TOMORROW X TOGETHER: Our Lost Summer, that he felt isolated after their 2022 Lollapalooza performance. After discussing those feelings with the group members, he and Hueningkai bonded over their shared “introverted” tendencies.

I think it’s best that I quietly help them out by looking out for them and thinking about how I can be doing whatever I can for them.

— TXT’s Hueningkai

TXT’s Soobin (left) and Hueningkai (right) | @txt_members/Twitter

While they are as close as family now, Hueningkai admitted it wasn’t always that way and shared how their company BIGHIT MUSIC stepped in to help strengthen their bond as trainees.

(From left:) TXT’s Soobin, Hueningkai, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Yeonjun

Hueningkai recalled that the members were all “completely different in every way” and revealed they were “coached into doing team-building exercises” to strengthen their teamwork.

The group naturally grew closer after living together, and now their communication has become second nature.

We naturally got to know each other after living together for so long, and now we’re just like family. I think the quality of our teamwork really shows during concerts. If one of us has to sit out because they’re not feeling well, for example, the rest of us are able to fill in for them. It’s weird, but suddenly we become really good at communicating in situations like that. Things just happen instantly when emergencies come up.

— TXT’s Hueningkai

| Weverse Magazine

Seeing the group’s close bond today and effortless synchronization on stage makes it difficult to believe they were coached into team building, but it seems it paid off!

Check out more from the TXT members’ Weverse Magazine interviews in the article below!

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 It’s hard to tell from the group’s family-like bond today! 

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