The Rookie K-Pop Boy Group Idol That Fans Think Will Become The “Netizens’ Pick”


There have been a lot of new K-Pop boy groups that have debuted within the last several months, with some of them getting more positive and enthusiastic responses than others. Since girl groups have been dominating the fourth generation of K-Pop for the last couple of years, many fans have been waiting for boy groups to make a comeback, and this might finally be the era for it!

RIIZE | SM Entertainment

Boy groups such as RIIZEZEROBASEONE, and BOYNEXTDOOR have already been making waves despite debuting not too long ago, and some of their individual members have been getting a lot of attention as well. But it’s a newer boy group whose visuals have had people talking recently, and that group is Pledis Entertainment‘s TWS!

TWS | Pledis Entertainment

They debuted just over a week ago, and they’ve already had a promising start to their career with the success of their song “Plot Twist”. The members seem likeable and are definitely talented, and they might finally be what appeals to the general public in Korea.

| Pledis Entertainment

Recently, one of their members was talked about on an online forum post for his visuals, charisma, and personality that have some people thinking he may be the pick of netizens (or “muggles”, as some put it) that don’t follow K-Pop too closely.

And that member is leader Shinyu!

Shinyu (TWS) | Pledis Entertainment

The author of the post claims that they believe Shinyu will be the “muggles’ pick”, thanks to how enjoyable he is to watch perform and how handsome he is.

| Pledis Entertainment

And he has already been getting a lot of positive attention for his visuals, along with his fellow member Dohoon.

It’s encouraging to see TWS being so well-received by both K-Pop fans and the general public, as well as the members individually getting praise for different things.

Here’s how netizens are responding to the idea that Shinyu could become a popular idol among “muggles”.

We’re curious to see what TWS has in store for us in the future!

 “He’s really way too charming.” 

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