The Princess Or The Prince — Fans Are Divided Over Two Top-Tier Styles For aespa’s Winter


Aespa’s Winter gained huge attention during the group’s activities for “Drama” in November 2023. She showcased her duality with two different looks. The vast difference between the two led fans to wonder which was the public’s pic.

The first was a fiery red look. She looked like a Disney princess with red curls.

Fans compared the look to Ariel. Winter’s makeup was also done uniquely with red blush across her nose and a lip ring.

She even had on blue-gray contact lens to enhance the ethereal look.

Winter on a music show. | theqoo

The other look was from their teaser videos. There, she played a roughed-up older sister who went to avenge her younger sibling.

Winter in the teaser. | theqoo

With a layered bob, a leather jacket, and a wooden bat, she pulled off a more badass look.

Winter in the teaser. | theqoo

Fans took a vote to see which people preferred.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo


1 is a romantic-fantasy princess, 2 is a prince. I was like, “it’s 1 of course,” as I scrolled, but 2 is just breathtaking. I want to go with 2. Definitely 1. Sigh, how can we pick? They’re both pretty in different ways so I can’t choose. 2 is more unique in terms of girl group members, although 1 is f*cking pretty too. The Ariel hair is f*cking pretty. 2! 1!

Winter’s versatility in her ability to pull off various looks and concepts is definitely one of her strong points! Which is your favorite?

 Which is your favorite? 

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