The One Thing The Universally Hated “Avatar: The Last Airbender” Movie Got Right Over Netflix’s Live-Action


Avatar: The Last Airbender is a popular series that most people experienced as an animated series. As with most animated series, its adaptation into a live-action series by Netflix was met with some pushback from fearful fans that the series would be “ruined.”

This was made worse because a live-action version of the series was already done more than a decade ago by director M. Night Shyamalan. The movie was universally panned for various reasons, including the actors selected and the storyline.

The film won multiple awards at the 31st Golden Raspberry Awards (an award show for the worst films of the year), including “Worst Picture.”

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On February 22, Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender was added to the platform’s catalog after more than five years of waiting. There was some initial apprehension about the show because of a few details, but some of the show’s actors helped to boost excitement.

Why Some Fans Think Netflix’s “Avatar” Live-Action Series Is Already Doomed To “Flop”

Reactions have been mixed, which was to be expected; however, there is one thing that many cannot help but agree with in favor of the live-action movie.

The movie and the Netflix series included the storyline portion where Aang and the gang travel to the Northern Water Tribe, where Sokka falls for the princess, Yue.  While there is some discrepancy in each version, Yue’s backstory is the same — being saved from a mysterious illness by the Moon Spirit, which then changes the color of her hair to white.

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Many have felt that the movie version of Yue had better costuming than the live action, calling out the cosplay-like styling of the latter version’s wig.

Yue in the movie live-action. | Paramount Pictures Yue in the Netflix adaptation | Netflix @olliedreamer

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Some felt that the entire cast’s costumes felt more like high-budget cosplays than anything else, even if they were more accurate to the live-action.

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Of course, many enjoyed the visual differences between the two media pieces, and ultimately, only time will tell of the series’ success!

 Many agree that the series was lacking in several ways. 

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