The Latest Rumored K-Pop Couple Based On The Weakest “Evidence”: IVE’s Wonyoung And ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon


Ridiculous dating rumors are nothing new in K-Pop, but it seems like lately there have been more rumored relationships based on practically no evidence than usual! For example, BTS‘s RM and aespa‘s Karina were connected over extremely weak similarities, as were Stray Kids‘ Lee Know and NMIXX‘s Sullyoon. Earlier this year, TXT‘s Yeonjun and LE SSERAFIM‘s Yunjin were caught up in similar rumors as well.

Yunjin and Yeonjun being near each other on The Game Caterers

And now, the latest two idols being paired together in this way may just have the weakest “evidence” of any of these rumors so far.

The idols in question are IVE‘s Wonyoung and ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon. These two do have a history together — they both worked as MCs on Music Bank at the same time for quite a while — so it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that the two of them are friends. Despite this, though, some netizens are taking an interaction between the two of them and making it seem like a bigger deal than it likely actually is.

Sunghoon and Wonyoung MCing on Music Bank

On a forum post about the “rumors”, the OP of the post shared a couple of screenshots when Sunghoon and Wonyoung greeted each other. They claim that it was “cute” that Sunghoon went out of his way to be the only one to greet Wonyoung…

And that she returned his greeting with a subtle low wave.

The other piece of “evidence” is that they are both apparently into sageuks — historical dramas — and its accompanying dialect.

Wonyoung’s fellow IVE member Leeseo once shared that Wonyoung is funniest when she talks in a sageuk dialect.

Leeseo: Sometimes, Wonyoung unnie can be so funny. Whenever she gets excited, she copies the sageuk dialect. And when she does that, it’s hilarious.

Apparently, Sunghoon is also very into the sageuk dialect, and has mimicked it himself.

Fan: Oh wait, Sunghoon-sshi came! I can’t wait to see you at “FATE” in Japan!
Sunghoon: (In sageuk dialect) Be patient, for ENGENEs and I are destined, and we shall cross paths soon.

Sunghoon: Come hither.

And that’s it. Based on those two factors alone, Sunghoon and Wonyoung are being paired together by some netizens in a romantic way. Unsurprisingly, many people have a lot of opinions about this weak line of reasoning, as can be seen in the comments of the post.

Who do you think will get shipped together with weak evidence next?

 “If Wonyoung greets someone, she’s dating them and if she doesn’t, she’s a rude person.” 

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