The Korean Rapper Who Is Releasing His New Album… From Jail


Korean rapper BASSAGONG will release his new album while still serving his prison sentence for illegal filming.

In a preview from his crew LEGIT GOONS, they teased BASSAGONG’s album release, which will be February 14 KST. The album will contain 10 tracks.

While the album teaser doesn’t seem all that special, what is noteworthy is that BASSAGONG is currently serving a prison sentence for illegally filming and distributing pictures of fellow rapper Don Mills‘ wife in 2018. He was sentenced to one year in prison and 40 hours of sexual violence treatment. Both the prosecution and BASSAGONG initially appealed the ruling, but in the end, BASSAGONG dropped his appeal and accepted his prison sentence.

Rapper Bassagong Admits To Allegations He Illegally Filmed And Shared Videos Of Sexual Partners — Infuriates Netizens With Apology

He will be released from prison on April 11, meaning he still has two months of his prison sentence left to serve.

 He still has months in prison. 

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