The Key To A K-Pop Artist’s Success, According To Choreographer Choi Young Jun


Choi Young Jun began his career as a backup dancer and DJ before Shinhwa‘s Lee Minwoo (also known as M) fatefully took him under his wing, inviting him to choreograph for the group and introducing him to other influential artists.

Since then, the famed K-Pop choreographer has worked with some of K-Pop’s top stars, including BTS, SEVENTEEN, TWICE, Red Velvet, EXO, IZ*ONE, and more.

Choi Young Jun | KOREA NOW/YouTube

Choi Young Jun recently sat down with Korea Now and spoke to host Bella Kim about his experience on Street Man Fighter, his work as a dance trainer on various idol survival programs, and his time working with K-Pop idol groups, including BTS.

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Before co-choreographing BTS’s 2015 hit, “I Need U,” he worked with them as a backup dancer. While sharing what it was like working with them, Choi Young Jun revealed that, within the industry, there’s a saying that “if an artist is good to their staff, the artist will go a long way.

After working in the industry for over a decade, Choi Young Jun shared that he “gets a feeling as to how well the artist will do,” and he knew BTS would do well as soon as he met them.

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After personally being touched by BTS’s caring and kind treatment toward him and fellow staff members, Choi Young Jun was determined to give his all when performing with them.

Behind K-Pop artists are creative teams that play an integral role in helping to bring the whole production together. Choi Young Jun pointed out another benefit to artists treating their staff members well.

The saying about going a long way if you’re good to your staff is because when you’re good to them they do their very best, which is reflected in the outcome.

— Choi Young Jun

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Choi Young Jun worked with BTS for two years and revealed they remained the same throughout their time together. Similar stories of BTS’s manners and thoughtful personalities have remained consistent throughout each step of their career.

It’s a given fact that artists are the most important person, but BTS always care more about their staff.

— Choi Young Jun

During the interview, Choi Young Jun also named the BTS member who left a lasting impact on him through his selfless behavior. Check out more on that in the article below!

The BTS Member Whose Behavior Surprised Choreographer Choi Young Jun

 His confidence that BTS would “go a long way” was based on a specific detail. 

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