The K-Pop Idols Who Are And Aren’t Taking The Annual College Entrance Exam (CSAT) This Year


On November 16, the annual South Korean college entrance exam — the 2024 College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) — will be held for high school seniors. The exam is a standardized test used for admissions by colleges and universities in the country, and is often considered one of the most “grueling” experiences of a student’s life.

Each year, K-Pop idols who are seniors in high school usually announce whether they will be participating in the CSAT, or if they will be sitting out in order to keep up with their group’s schedule.

Students taking the CSAT

Only five idols have confirmed that they will be participating in the exam this year: Kep1er‘s YeseotripleS‘s Jiwoo and YubinRocket Punch‘s Dahyun, and LIMELIGHT‘s Gaeun.

Yeseo (Kep1er) | SBS

On the other hand, many other idols have shared that they plan to focus on group activities rather than participate in the 2024 CSAT. They include TREASURE‘s JunghwanNMIXX‘s JiwooP1Harmony‘s JongseobBilllie‘s Siyoonxikers‘ JunghoonSeeunHunterYujun, and YechanTNX‘s SungjunKISS OF LIFE‘s Haneulmimiirose‘s Yunju; and TRI.BE‘s Jia and Soeun.

Junghwan (TREASURE) | SBS Jiwoo (NMIXX) | SBS

Good luck to all of the students that will be taking the 2024 CSAT on November 16!

 Good luck to everyone participating! 

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