The Glory and Sweet Home star Lee Do-hyun uses his military vacation to date co-star Lim Ji Yeon; pics go viral


One of the K-drama couples of 2023 was Lee Do-Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon. The two have worked together on the show The Glory. We know that Lee Do-Hyun played the love interest of Song Hye-Kyo on the revenge drama while Lim Ji Yeon was Park Yeo-jin a weather forecaster and the main antagonist of the show. Lee Do-Hyun is also a part of Sweet Home which is another hit Netflix Korean series. After rumours of the two being a couple surfaced, their agencies admitted that they were indeed a couple. It seems they bonded when the cast was shooting at an outdoor location.

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Lee Do-Hyun spends time with Lim Ji-Yeon on military break

Actor Lee Do-Hyun is now serving in the military. As we know, every able-bodied man in Korea must fulfill his national duties by working for two years in the Army. He has also enlisted now. It seems the actor was seen with Lim Ji-Yeon on his holiday. The couple spent time eating out and shopping. Fans have praised him as an ideal boyfriend. As we know, Korean dramas generally show leading men as green flag characters. But the reality tends to be different. Fans felt happy knowing that Lee Do-Hyun was that loving offscreen.

Fans were somewhat upset with the invasion of privacy. They said there was no need to stalk them like this for photographs. The couple enjoyed a brunch date in the city of Seoul. Both of them wore denims, bomber jackets and caps. She was in a bright orange jacket. The couple were also seen walking down the street in some popular area. It seems they got acquainted as colleagues but slowly the matter progressed on a more personal level.

Lee Do-Hyun and Lim Ji-yeon got praise for The Glory

Both the actors got netizens talking with their performance in The Glory. Lee Do-Hyun’s character was liked but people did not enjoy the chemistry with Song Hye-Kyo. On the other hand, the whole villain squad of The Glory got rave reviews from the audiences. Lim Ji-yeon was leading the pack.    

 The Glory stars Lee Do-Hyun and Lim Ji-yeon were clicked on a date as the former got some days off from his military duty 

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