The gifts BTS jungkook prepared for fans music bank recording


BTS’s Jungkook recently performed on Music Bank, singing his song “3D” for hundreds of fans. As the pre-recording was a closed-doors event, only a lucky few got to attend. To thank the fans for their support, Jungkook prepared door gifts for the fans who came down to the recording.

As Calvin Klein’s ambassador, Jungkook had to share the love with ARMY.

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Each fan received a random hat from the brand. With a total of four designs, fans had the chance to receives either a bal cap or a bucket hat.

A Calvin Klein hat goes for about ₩65,000 KRW (about $48.20 USD) each, depending on design. He also gave each audience member an exclusive photocard.

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The back of the card sweetly read, “Our ARMY, whom I want to see in 3D.

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Of course, he had to feed the hungry fans who spent hours in line! He prepared a food truck for them with prepackaged food.

Each fan could collect a set box containing a drink, a macaron, and a cupcake.

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The cupcake had the wittiest design of a bunny decked in 3D glasses. Jungkook’s nickname is “bunny,” after all! The drink was also a light purple to represent BTS and ARMY.

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What we would give to be on the receiving end of Jungkook’s love! Those fans sure were lucky.

 Young, rich and famous! 

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