The Full Story: The Filipino Man Freshly Accused Of Committing A Serious Crime In Japan


A Filipino man found himself in hot waters in Japan.

34-year old Bryan Jefferson Lising Dela Cruz came to Tokyo to work as a technical trainee last July. On January 22, he was arrested on suspicion of corpse abandonment of the bodies of Norihiro Takahashi, 55, and his wife Kimie, 52. The two were found under a bathroom floor in their residence in Adachi Ward.

Outside the house of Norihiro and Kimie Takahashi | Kyodo

His involvement was linked to fellow Filipino Hazel Ann Baguisa Morales, the former girlfriend of the couple’s son, who was arrested three days prior. They were seen together in the house’s vicinity on January 16 which was the day the couple was believed to have been stabbed multiple times with fatal blows to their hearts.

| Kyodo

Bryan Jefferson Lising Dela Cruz lived in the Ibaraki Prefecture city of Tsuchiura. It is suspected that he was acquainted with Morales before their arrivals in Japan. The latter denied any involvement in the crime, claiming that she was house-hunting with a male acquaintance.

Morales into custody in Fukushima Prefecture and apprehended Dela Cruz in Ibaraki Prefecture.

 Here’s what happened. 

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