The Full Accusations Against A Veteran Actor For Allegedly Ghosting His Girlfriend After Requesting Nudes


An anonymous netizen recently attracted over 5 million views on Twitter after confessing that she had allegedly been ghosted by an actor after they dated for four years. The problem was that not only did he leave hee without a proper breakup, he also still had her nudes.

Firstly, let me say that I’m writing this post after much consideration. We began meeting each other around 6 years ago and we were in a relationship for over four years. But recently, I received a single message that informed me of our breakup one-sidedly. Although I tried to contact him, he could not be reached. I tried many ways to contact him, but he ignored it all. Completely cut me off. Things were good when we met a few days before the message. We also had lots of sex. He also took photos of an important part of my body before he left. But a few days later, he completely ghosted after that one-sided message. I thought that you needed basic manners even after a breakup. I know that he had issues with similar actions in his past. Seeing how he’s reminiscing about those things on YouTube makes me feel that he has no consideration towards the other party, be it now or in the past. Maybe he keeps doing this because he’s the escapist, bad man type. He always acts according to his own whims without respect or consideration for others, and talks as if all this actions are always right. If he thinks that it is his own freedom of choice to breakup with a one-sided message and ghost me, then writing this post is also my own freedom of choice. I’ve already been tolerating his periodical selfish and bad actions all this while. Perhaps even now, he won’t know what he did wrong. I have much to say, but I won’t today. It’s my personal wish, but I hope he won’t throw away a person like an old shoe next time.

— Alleged ex-girlfriend

The alleged ex-girlfriend also uploaded photos of her chats with the actor. The ones she uploaded were when he suddenly requested nudes from her.

Conversation between the two. | Nate Pann Actor: Okay, I’ll pick you up. Alleged girlfriend: Got it! Actor: Send me a pic! Alleged girlfriend: What pic? Actor: Of your nipples! Alleged girlfriend: I don’t have time now! Oppa, go eat! Hehe. Actor: Can’t you just take a picture of your nipples for me? Alleged girlfriend: I’ll try to take a pic of just one side then. Actor: Sounds good. Conversation between the two. | Nate Pann Alleged girlfriend: Why do you ask all of a sudden? Of course I want to do it when I think of you. Actor: Haha. Alleged girlfriend: How much do you want to do it? Actor: Totally do! Alleged girlfriend: Got it. Actor: Picture? Alleged girlfriend: ?? Actor: Take a pic for me, it’s been a long time! Alleged girlfriend: There’s no where for me to take a pic.
Actor: Haha. Conversation between the two. | Nate Pann Actor: My baby is pretty!!! Oppa will eat you lots later!!

After awhile, she updated her post with more information. She claimed that they only texted and did not use messenger apps. She insists that she wrote the post out of anger at the lack of respect he had for her with the one-sided breakup.

Also, I once found a feminine cleanser at his house. We fought when I insisted it wasn’t mine. I’m not sure if he was cheating on me. All this time, he asked me to take photos of my important bits on the top and bottom. There’s tens of those pics that I sent to him. He also talked sh*t about his colleagues too. I’m making the effort as I don’t want to reveal those too.

— Alleged ex-girlfriend

She continues to implore for netizens to believe that she has no ulterior motive other than to make wrongs right. On the other hand, netizens are continuing to guess at who the actor could be.

 She also suspected cheating. 

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