“The DMz Line” — SM Entertainment’s Idols Who Were Casted Through DM Take A Pic Together


As times advance, casting managers now need not even leave their houses to do their job. Many idols in the 4th and 5th generation are now getting cast via social media!

SM Entertainment’s recent joint concert, SM Town In Tokyo, showed just how powerful DM casting can be. Three of their DM-cast idols took a photo together, wowing everyone with their beauty. They are none other than RIIZE’s Wonbin, aespa’s Karina, and NCT Wish’s Shion.

L to R: Wonbin, Karina, Shion.

Netizens were amazed at the ability of SM Entertainment’s casting managers.

Netizen comments. | theqoo What is fascinating is that they’re not just visuals, but they are all skilled in various ways LOL. All three are good at their job, and are freaking good looking. SM is amazing. Wonbin is f*cking handsome. They’re all f*cking handsome and pretty. How did SM do this via DM? It’s fascinating how they were all chosen through DM but are all-rounders. Shion’s an all-rounder too? Wow, just how lucky is SM. DMz LOL. Aren’t they all the centers? Amazing LOL. Wonbin and Karina are f*cking good looking, and they are amazing as they are all-rounders, but Shion was cast through DMs too? The DM casting manager’s eye is amazing. I wonder if the same person cast all three of them.

Karina once talked about how she was cast via DM on Knowing Bros. She was famous as an ulzzang pre-debut. Wonbin told a fan about it through a video call fansign.


 People are getting cast through social media. 

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