The Difficulty Of Having A Long Hiatus On K-Pop Groups, As Seen In The Eyes Of EVERGLOW


EVERGLOW is a Yuehua Entertainment girl group who debuted in 2019. They quickly made a name for themselves as a top-tier choice when it comes to the girl crush concept.

They released hits such as “Adios” (2019), “DUN DUN” (2020) and “Pirate” (2021).


Unfortunately, they went on a two-year hiatus soon after. After minimal solo and group activities in between, they finally made a comeback in August 2023 with their title track “Slay.”

They talked about this in further detail in an interview with NME. Here, member Yiren admitted that they suffered internally but attempted to keep their spirits up.

We really try to mentally think more positively about that time. [We] focused a lot on taking care of ourselves and really trying to improve ourselves.

— Yiren

| Yuehua Entertainment

Sihyeon, meanwhile, talked about how her reaction to practice changed after it was taken away from her.

I used to have days when I felt a bit stuck or where I didn’t want to go into the practice room because I was tired.

— Sihyeon

The longer their hiatus extended, the more she craved being inside the practice room. She eventually went in herself without any prompting, something she could never imagine doing before.

[During the hiatus] I would find myself actually stepping into the practice room even though no one asked me to.

— Sihyeon

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Moreover, Sihyeon burst out into tears in their recent concert, feeling sorry for the fans who waited long for them to return to the music industry.

The reason why I’m crying…I haven’t seen you for a long time, and now I’m looking at you in front of me. We were late on our comeback, and I think we disappointed [our fans]. But I’m still happy that you came to see us.

— Sihyeon

At the end of the day, the members prefer to look towards their future instead of being regretful over their past.

If you consider your whole life, two years is not a very long time, technically.

— Yiren

Mia (Left) and Yiren (Right) | Yuehua Entertainment

EVERGLOW is now more ready than ever to meet their fans for the first time in two years.

I feel so thankful, and I’m glad that I’m here. Thank you so much for waiting for us.

— Sihyeon

| @official_everglow/Instagram This is what they were up to in the meantime. 

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