The Chaebol Rumored To Be In THE BLACK LABEL’s New Girl Group — Her K-Pop Idol “Connections” Are Gaining Attention


On February 4, photos of THE BLACK LABEL‘s newest girl group became a hot topic online.

The alleged members of the new group from THE BLACK LABEL | theqoo | theqoo

Along with some familiar faces, one stood out, and it was none other than Annie Moon (also known as Moon Seo Yoon). Annie is known to many Koreans because her family are at the top of the huge Shinsegae Group. For many, she is what netizens describe as a chaebol, part of an influential and powerful family in Korea.

Photos of Annie Moon | theqoo | theqoo

Yet, while her visuals and background became a hot topic, it was Annie Moon’s past photos with K-Pop idols that caught the attention of some fans. In particular, while the likes of Ella Gross and Bailey Sok have publically interacted with idols through their jobs (model and choreographer), Annie seemed more linked to her chaebol status.

Back in 201, photos of 2NE1‘s CL gained attention after Annie Moon appeared alongside the idol.

| @anniesymoon/Instagram | @anniesymoon/Instagram

In 2021, Annie was spotted with her sister at Coachella and once again took a photo with CL. Throughout the past few years, netizens have noticed many interactions between the two, hinting at a long-time friendship.

Of course, if Annie has been training with THE BLACK LABEL, it’s not surprising that there’s a photo of her with the members of BLACKPINK.

| @anniesymoon/Instagram

She also filmed a TikTok video to BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” with YGX choreographer Lee Jung.

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There were also photos circulating during Coachella in 2023 that she was friends with BTS‘s Jungkook as the two were spotted chatting in the crowds. While it wasn’t confirmed, photos of Moon Seoyoon on Instagram from the event show her wearing the same outfit.


— annie pics (@anniecentric) February 4, 2024

Along with Korean media outlets, netizens couldn’t get over Annie’s past interactions with idols.

Bro we saw Annie Moon with Cl, g dragon, blackpink and BTS’s Jungkook even BEFORE DEBUTING?!?

— (@TBLNGGstan) February 4, 2024

There is no doubt that THE BLACK LABEL has caught the attention of netizens, and with Annie’s family background, she will definitely be a hot topic if the rumors are true.

You can read more about the alleged lineup below.

Photos Of Rumored Members Of THE BLACK LABEL’s New Girl Group Become A Hot Topic — With Some Familiar Faces

 She is the one netizens are most intrigued about! 

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