THE BOYZ’s Kevin Addresses Hate Over His Stance On The Israel-Palestine Crisis


THE BOYZ‘s Kevin recently took to social media to address the hate he received after past comments resurfaced.

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In the last month, media coverage of the Israel-Palestine crisis has increased, with more and more becoming aware of the conflict that is taking place in the Gaza Strip.

According to Reuters, several thousands have been killed as bombings and other fighting occur in the region.

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As with any humanitarian crisis, many have looked to celebrities to use their platform to speak out about what is happening, and the same has been said about K-Pop idols, including Kevin.

In 2021, Kevin commented on wanting to visit Israel during a live stream, which recently resurfaced.


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Friendly reminder that Kevin Moon wasn’t just being an ignorant Gal Gadot fan when he said he wanted to visit Israel.

Since his fans are attacking people for calling him out

— ⵣ (@xiaoxiaodejun) October 16, 2023

After this live, Kevin spoke about wanting to “clear” things up and shared that he didn’t support any kind of oppression, sharing emojis matching the color of the Palestinian flag.

: A song that a lot of people need to hear right now and I’m hoping it will clear things up because I believe that every person out there deserves at the least basic human rights. and in no way do i support any kind of oppression. it’s just crazy to think that people are being

— cham (@maple_boy0223) August 25, 2021

Even if he couldn’t say it with words bc of the agency , Kevin from The Boyz still managed to find a way 2 years ago to tell his fans he stands with Palestine.

— 밤비LOVER (@luvv4woo) October 16, 2023

On October 17, Kevin told fans he was aware of the older video resurfacing and said that if his name being dragged led more people to be informed on the current issue, he was “okay with that.” He also asked those spreading more hate to “reevaluate their values.”

Kevin: If my name is dragged and more people know about the issue tbh l’m ok with that
Kevin: But reevaluate your values if you’re only spreading more hate
Kevin: Why tf would I support that shiet

Kevin continued, saying that more sharing of resources and financial support links should be done instead of falsely accusing K-Pop idols of things. He reiterated that people should not focus on justifying or clarifying their views.

Kevin:  Why spread false accusations about kpop names when you can be sharing educational resources and financial support links
Kevin: there are real issues out there
Kevin: Hope this reaches the right people when I say I hope you realize while you’re comfortable on your phone typing hate there’s real hurt happening
Kevin: Tbh to all you lovely people out there
Kevin: I ask you not to bother justifying or clarifying my views
Kevin: Just reply with solid articles and resources
Kevin: I’d pop up a link or two but this is about as vocal I can get

He shared that he would share resources but could not be more vocal. He recognized the desire of fans to know what their favorite artists think on certain issues, reflecting on how the industry is so “hush-hush.”

Kevin: It sucks to look up to artists who speak up, dedicate their art to humanity and be stuck in an industry where everything is hush hush
Kevin: so yeah
Kevin: Hope you catch my drift

He finished by saying that he hoped everyone caught his drift and that it bothered him more that conversations were being “steered the wrong way.”

Kevin: Hope this reaches the right people
Kevin: Thank you for worrying about me
Kevin: But honestly it doesn’t bother me being misunderstood
Kevin: it bothers me that the conversations are steered the wrong way.

Kevin has historically been more outspoken on many issues than many other idols, something fans hope they see more of.

 Kevin is often outspoken about issues worldwide. 

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