THE BOYZ Juyeon’s Outfit For Balenciaga’s Paris Fashion Week Is Criticized By Netizens


THE BOYZ‘s Juyeon has always been known for his visuals, and netizens believe it was what saved his questionable outfit at a fashion show.

THE BOYZ member Juyeon | @tbzuyeon/Instagram

Recently, Juyeon was one of the stars to attend Paris Fashion Week as he was at the show for designer brand Balenciaga. While Juyeon’s visuals shone, netizens raised their eyebrows at his outfit.

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The outfit saw Juyeon going for a more casual look, pairing an oversized t-shirt with an oversized grey hoodie, striped pants, and brown boots. While the outfits undoubtedly cost a lot of money, fans thought it was a bit too casual for a fashion show and were extremely confused by the styling of the fashionable and handsome idol.

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On Instagram, Juyeon also shared some photos from after the show, where the outfit seemingly looked more suitable as the idol was lounging on a sofa, albeit carrying a very expensive designer bag.

| @tbzuyeon/Instagram | @tbzuyeon/Instagram | @tbzuyeon/Instagram | @tbzuyeon/Instagram

When the video was shared by (a well-known site for posting about idols during Fashion Week)…

#juyeon #juyeontheboyz #theboyz #balenciaga #pfw #tiktokfashion

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If that wasn’t enough, along with hilarious comparisons of the outfit to IRL moments, when a video of Juyeon speaking to Kim Kardashian was shared, netizens joked about how he interacted with her wearing that outfit.

she saw him in THIS LMFAO

— woobie (@woobiesflower) March 3, 2024

how i look going home after a girls sleep over

— Sarah (@allthingssarah) March 3, 2024

the fact that juyeon met kim kardashian in THIS outfit

— diana (@baehoeng) March 3, 2024

It is known that the designer brand will send outfits for idols to wear at huge events, and while fans love that Balenciaga invited Juyeon, many wished they gave him a better look.


 For fans, Juyeon’s visuals saved the unexpected look. 

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