The Biggest “Criticism” From Netizens After The Release Of The New “Squid Game 2” Teasers


2021 seemed to be the year of the hit K-Drama Squid Game. Whether it was netizens who were already immersed in K-Dramas or locals (those with no knowledge), the show quickly became one of the most successful series of the year.

The show’s dark nature and air of nostalgia hit with audiences from across the world, with many of the “Young” cast and even the veteran stars gaining global attention.

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On February 1 (local time), Netflix shared photos of what fans could expect from the series, including some of the old and new cast that will be seen.

게임에 다시, 참여하시겠습니까?

<오징어 게임> 시즌2, 2024년 공개 확정.

— Netflix Korea|넷플릭스 코리아 (@NetflixKR) February 1, 2024

There was even a new trailer of Lee Jung Jae to follow on from the end of the last series.

Introducing the very first look at SQUID GAME SEASON 2. Coming this year.

— Netflix (@netflix) February 1, 2024

While fans couldn’t hide their excitement about the new series, there was one “criticism,” and it was all because of Jo Yuri.

Jo Yuri | @zo_glasss/Instagram

Netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when it was revealed that former IZ*ONE member and now actress Jo Yuri was going to be part of the show’s cast. So, after all the excitement, fans “criticized” the new teasers because she was nowhere to be seen.

wdrgaf fuck where is jo yuri ?????

— . (@chaewons1stfan) February 1, 2024

girl i’m not fucking joining, show me jo yuri

— @kittyjyr (@SN00PUPU) February 1, 2024

where is jo yuri?? @NetflixKR

— azza (@yulgadnis) February 1, 2024

wdgaf abt him where is jo yuri

— urie • tanit loona bakers association (@ohbit_JJINPPANG) February 1, 2024

me skipping every scene without JO YURI

— keita fans kwangya (@luvedoge) February 2, 2024

When the tweets were shared, while there were a lot, a few of them gained a huge amount of attention, going viral amidst the big news. One fan even shared that “Jo Yuri” was trending on their timeline because people were so upset that she wasn’t in the trailer.

jo yuri is trending bc people are mad there’s no glimpse of her in squid game 2 trailer

— azza (@yulgadnis) February 2, 2024

With the show set to be released later in the year, fans won’t have to wait long to see Jo Yuri, but it’s hilarious that the “criticism” stems from not seeing her in the trailers, which is understandable.

You can read more about the trailer below.

Netflix Releases First Look At “Squid Game 2”

 It unexpectedly went viral! 😂😂 

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