The aespa Winter Photocard That Went Unexpectedly Viral Among International Fans


Photocards have become an increasingly staple part of the K-Pop industry, with some of the rarest and most desirable cards selling for ridiculously high prices. A lot of albums these days come with dozens or even hundreds of different possible photocards, though, and a lot of them look fairly similar with each idol needing to take so many selfies for each one.

Photocards offered in SEVENTEEN’s FML album

However, there are still some photocards that really stand out among the rest, and recently, a new photocard of aespa‘s Winter went unexpectedly viral on Twitter among international fans!

Winter (aespa) | SBS

The photocard is from aespa’s 2024 Season’s Greetings, and features Winter looking adorable in tiny twin braids with a playful expression.

At this time, the viral tweet sharing the photocard has over 31k retweets, 66k likes, and 1.9 million views.

good heavens

— (@louvaisa) January 26, 2024

A lot of the retweets are quote retweets from fans sharing their delight and adoration over just how cute and precious Winter looks in the photocard.

50k likes for winter pc

— (@rosesonspace) January 27, 2024

Winter is always on a mission to release the cutest kpop photocard that she could.

— Sam (@winterpup0101) January 27, 2024

— yuji (@yu__jimeow) January 27, 2024

not an aespa fan but that is A Pc.

— doozi (@pockechu) January 27, 2024

i don’t even stan aespa but i want this pc aaaa winter looks so cute & baby 🤍

— via. (@ksnpriv11) January 27, 2024

On the flip side, many of the quote retweets are also from fans who are playfully trying to keep people away from their bias!

the engagements?? winter stans we need to start gatekeeping her…

— tia (@bywvinter) January 27, 2024


— 𖤐 (@myeonsjen) January 27, 2024

the engagements???? you all don’t even know her like that please stop looking at my girl

— esa (@jensoocrumbs_e) January 27, 2024

The photocard also became a topic of conversation on an online forum post, where more fans expressed their appreciation for Winter’s versatility and beauty.

We won’t be surprised if people start selling this photocard for a shockingly high price in the near future!


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