The Adorable Habit BTS’s Jungkook Picked Up From Jam Republic Dancers


It has been a few months since BTS‘s Jungkook kicked off his soloist era, starting with the single “Seven,” followed by “3D,” and finally a solo album, Golden.

BTS’s Jungkook | Weverse

During most of his solo activities, Jungkook has been working with dancers from the popular crew Jam Republic. Though the team represents many dancers from across the globe, the BTS member has been performing primarily with a set group of six male dancers.

However, during his promotions for “3D,” he was joined by the female dancers from Jam Republic, who have gained significant popularity after appearing on Mnet‘s survival dance show, Street Woman Fighter 2. Members LatriceKirstenAudreyEmma, and Ling gave back-to-back excellent performances on the show, winning their team second place.

(From left to right) Ling, Emma, Audrey, Latrice, and Kirsten | @mnet_dance/Instagram

Four of the members except Emma appeared in two videos with Jungkook, one being the dance practice of “3D” and the other, the official live performance of the same track.

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In a recent interview with Korea Now, three of the Jam Republic members, Latrice, Kirsten, and Audrey, sat down to talk about their journey as dancers and experiences in South Korea. The conversation naturally flowed toward their work with Jungkook, and Kirsten fondly remembered him as “shy” but “fun to work with.”

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He was lovely. He was shy. I mean, he was just in his space. I think he was fun to work with.

— Kirsten

When the interviewer asked about behind-the-scene episodes from working with the singer, Latrice mentioned that he had picked up a cute habit from them.

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It turns out that the Jam Republic members say “Leshgo” among themselves instead of “Let’s go,” and Jungkook swiftly adopted that word into his vocabulary. Latrice laughed and wondered, “I think he’s saying that around.”

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Jungkook is, in fact, saying it around and has mentioned it multiple times during his recent Stationhead listening parties!

This cute little story has got ARMYs endeared, and they hope to see Jungkook work with these talented dancers again in the future!

 And he still does it everywhere. 

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