Thai Model Nattasha Bunprachom Details How BLACKPINK’s Lisa Helped Her Through “Tough Times”


BLACKPINK‘s Lisa may have a jam-packed schedule as one of the most popular K-Pop idols around, but that doesn’t mean she can’t also make time for her friends, one of them being Nattasha Yoghurt Bunprachom.

She is a Thai model and actress who has appeared in shows like Likit Ruk and Plerng Prang Tian.

Nattasha “Yoghurt” Bunprachom (Right)

She is famous on Instagram as well, boasting over 1.2 million followers. She sometimes posts photos of herself with other high profile celebrities such as BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

Nattasha with Lisa | @yoghurt_nattasha/Instagram

Nattasha talked about the latter in a recent interview with Woody FM Special. She asked for Lisa’s permission to mention their history on the show to which she wholeheartedly agreed.

Sending a message to one of my sisters who is one of those who used to message me after hearing the news. I had asked for permission to mention her. I sent a message to Lisa saying, ‘I can talk to you on the show, right? Today I’ll talk about you.’ She said, ‘Yes, definitely.’

Nattasha “Yoghurt” Bunprachom

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Nattasha shared how she became depressed after her father passed away due to COVID-19. Lisa surprised her by reaching out and taking time to empathize with the model.

She’s another person I feel surprised about. I didn’t think she would message me, not just to send supportive messages but she explained some feelings that came from experience and how it affected her.

 Nattasha “Yoghurt” Bunprachom

| @yoghurt_nattasha/Instagram

The BLACKPINK dancer was a lifeline for Nattasha who appreciated how she had expressed her own feelings and gave her endless encouragement. This helped the model go through the tough period of time in her life and it is something that she will never forget.

Nattasha, Lisa, and Lisa’s Mom | @yoghurt_nattasha/Instagram

Nattasha also talked about this same topic on Lisa’s birthday. In a post dating March 31, she thanked the BLACKPINK singer for “reaching out to [her] when [she’s] having a hard time.” Her words were a “big support…big motivation” to her during this big life change.

Check out her full interview below.

 She’s forever grateful to Lisa/ 

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