Temptation Island India Exclusive: Omung Kumar talks about ‘calm’ and ‘chaos’ of the luxurious villas and tropical retreat


The Indian adaptation of one of the world’s biggest reality formats Temptation Island is all set to hit the screen, from 3rd November only on JioCinema. As these couples give the ultimate test of love, the platform has given a sneak peek of the tropical paradise where the couples split up to sever old ties and be tempted to explore new romances! Curated under the creative direction of art maestro Omung Kumar and the artistic expertise of production designer Vanita Garud, the setting and living arrangements of the villas are bound to play a significant role in shaping the dynamics amongst the couples and tempters. The show’s setting resembles a tropical island with two distinct villas: the Boys Villa, characterized by darker colors, and the Girls Villa, adorned with warmer, pastel hues against a predominantly white backdrop. This is a big story in Entertainment news.

The boys’ villa

The boys’ living space embraces a more casual and carefree atmosphere with contrast between the calm and the chaos being evident through bespoke artifacts, pop of colors and bold statements. With the makeup room specially crafted to bring alive the tempting element of the show with huge mirrors bordered with lots of bulbs amidst beautiful lilac paper cut flowers and steamy lip prints, the space reflects the excitement and apprehensions of the gorgeous tempters as they get ready for a date. That’s not all! The show’s stunning swimming pools offer contestants a luxurious, tranquil retreat amid the tropical setting, where they can relax, connect, and enjoy romantic moments surrounded by lush greenery and comfortable lounge areas.

The girls’ villa

The girls’ villa will take the viewers into a rosy, romantic ambiance, where the essence of love is beautifully woven into every detail. From printed sheers swaying in the light sea breeze, across large arches to a cozy outdoor nook perfect for gazing at the stars, every little detail has been carefully thought through to heighten the temptation hiding in every nook and corner of these villas. Each room in each villa has a distinct name and personality reflected in the choice of prints, wall art and furniture. One of the most interesting artefacts in the girls’ villa is a wall art created in the form of a love letter detailing the story of Adam and Eve on an island! While the tempters enjoy the more casual living quarters with fun bunk beds, the couples will have more comfortable and private rooms with double beds. Now who joins them there remains a steamy question that will unfold in the days ahead!

Omung Kumar on designing the villa

Sharing his journey on creating a tempting setting for the show, Omung Kumar said, ‘I’ve worked on many large reality shows, but Temptation Island India is a different project for me. The secret to the show’s success lies in its carefully calculated formula: sun, sea, and, of course, temptation! Every aspect of this show, from passion and excitement to intimacy and fun, has been symbolized in various corners of the villas, including the outdoor areas. The space has been designed with the aim of creating a real and raw feel, using natural materials such as hay lamps and wicker baskets lighting up, adding a picturesque allure to the setting. This villa experience will undoubtedly heighten the vacation fantasy for all the couples and singles!”

The bonfire area

The bonfire area is another important space that advances the show’s storyline. It’s where the hosts meet the participants and engage how couples are dealing with their temptations. In line with the essence of the bonfire in the show, the space has been designed to have hay lamps and wicker baskets.

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Being separated from your partner and left in close quarters with tempting hot singles who have eyes only for you will be a challenging test for any relationship! Will these couples succumb to the temptation hidden in the cozy spots throughout the villas? Only time will tell if their relationship can withstand the toughest Pyaar ki Pariksha. Temptation Island India is all set to begin from November 3. Omung Kumar opened up about designing the luxurious villas for the show. 

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