“Taylor Noona…”—SHINee’s Minho Has The Wittiest Caption About His Taylor Swift Concert Experience


SHINee‘s Minho may be a famous singer in his own right, but that doesn’t mean he can’t also be a fanboy!

SHINee’s Minho | @choiminho_1209/Instagram

The K-Pop idol recently concluded his own concert in Singapore. Just a day later, rather than resting, he attended Day 2 of Taylor Swift‘s The Eras Tour all on his own.

He posted several videos and photos of the night on his Instagram Stories. In one of them, he shared a picture of the stage and called Taylor Swift his “noona,” the Korean term younger guys use to refer to older women. She is, after all, two years older than him.

He then took his chance to make a witty reference to SHINee’s hit debut song “Replay.” The legendary chorus lyrics go, “Noona, you’re so pretty, you make me go crazy.”

Taylor noona neomu yeppo [Taylor, you’re so pretty].

— Minho

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Fans noticed his intention right away and commented on it on social media.

he did it

“taylor noona neomu yeppo” https://t.co/zjR4OGlGt2 pic.twitter.com/9ddXin17fW

— (@5hining0525) March 3, 2024

AND THERE YOU GO!! Minho heard me

“Taylor noona neomu yeppeo” https://t.co/WBgQdr6GAq pic.twitter.com/5DgrC5cTZn

— ja ✧.*⁠。 (@NCT20RESONANCE) March 3, 2024

They also loved how relatable he was, having stayed an extra day in the country just to see Taylor Swift and jamming the whole time to her songs.

minho’s really just like me…

“Taylor noona is so pretty.”
“Walking confidently.” pic.twitter.com/DH2bJbW48v

— (@archersreader) March 3, 2024

[Video could not be displayed]

He’s a Swiftie just like us!

 He’s also a Swiftie! 

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