Tara Sutaria On Not Being Taken Seriously As An Actor: “Used To Get Very Frustrated”

Tara Sutaria is super busy with the promotion campaign of her upcoming film Apurva. The Nikhil Nagesh Bhat directorial will be released on November 15 on Disney+ Hotstar. The actress will be seen in the titular role. Now, in a conversation with Siddharth Kannan, Tara Sutaria opened up about how the industry had a misconception about her. The actress said that she used to feel “extremely frustrated” when filmmakers didn’t take her seriously. She said, “Main bahut frustrated thi till Apurva [I used to get extremely frustrated until we started shooting for Apurva]. Aisa bhi hua hai ki I have gone in for meetings…Met certain people in the industry and I am actually fighting with them. Trying to convince them that I can do it. I have shown them the posters. I have shown them some work. Then they have been like ‘It will be nice only. It will be good only.’ But they don’t actually know. That’s why I am eagerly waiting for people to watch the film.” She added, “Last week, we saw the film as a team and I can very proudly say that a lot of minds will change after they watch our film.”

The trailer of Apurva was released by the makers in October last week. As per the official synopsis, it is a “fight for survival like no other.”

Tara Sutaria, who made her debut alongside Ananya Panday in Student Of Year 2, also spoke about how people see her as an “urban person.” During an interview with India Today, the actress said, “I think people see me as this very urban person, which for sure I am because I’ve been born and raised in Mumbai. But as a human being, I’m someone who’s always observed people from everywhere. That’s something I’ve really enjoyed doing all my life. And that’s the job of any actor, but I feel like women, young women, actors, we tend to put everyone in a box for some reason. And then we don’t like to take them out of that box. And we tend to judge very well. I think that definitely happened with me in my career.”

Apurva also stars Dhairya Karwa, Aaditya Gupta and Sumit Gulati.

 The Nikhil Nagesh Bhat directorial will be released on November 15     

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