Tamannaah Recalls Father’s Emergency Surgery And Its Aftermath: “That Night Was Scary”

Lust Stories 2 star Tamannaah, in recent interview with Bollywood Bubble opened up about a traumatic incident in her life that completely shook her. Calling it one of the lowest phases of her life, Tamannaah said that her life changed completely when she saw her father, being the strongest person in her life, become so vulnerable at one point. Elaborating on the incident, Tamannaah said, “Me and my dad were actually on a plane and he had an umbilical hernia that got strangulated. He had to be rushed to hospital and get the operation done. That night was very scary for me because I had never seen the strongest person in my life looking vulnerable and feeling. I dealt with the situation and did whatever I needed to at the hospital.”

The actress also spoke up on the importance of processing and dealing with grief at the right time. She said, “But I think I made the mistake of not processing it and just going back to work. I even fell sick on the sets. The only thing that I learned from that experience is that fear and anxiety if not expressed, the repression of that can lead to it physically manifesting itself. For some people mentally manifesting as well. So it’s important is to let it out and experience it and fully process it.”

On the personal front, Tamannaah and her boyfriend Vijay Varma have been hitting the headlines ever since they admitted their relationship in the public eye. The couple, have been since then spotted in many gatherings and events together.

The latest being, at the screening of Jaane Jaan on Monday. Here’s is how the couple decked up for the big night:

The actress confirmed that she is dating her Lust Stories 2 co-star Vijay Varma during an interview with Film Companion earlier this year and she said, “I don’t think you can get attracted to someone just because they are your co-star. I have had so many co-stars. I think if one has to fall for someone, feel something for someone it’s more personal, it’s nothing to do with what they do for a living, I mean that’s not the reason why this would happen.”

Tamannaah recently starred in the hit Jailer song Kaavaalaa alongside Rajinikanth. She also featured in Chiranjeevi’s Bhola Shankar, which was released the same day as Jailer.

 “Its important is to let it out and experience it and fully process it,” said Tamannaah     

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